Perfecting your Purple social posts

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Our customers know there are lots of benefits to using Purple WiFi. It’s ‘social WiFi’ because every time a customer uses it, they have the chance to thank you by posting on their FacebookTwitter or Linkedin timeline. What that social post says is up to you, and if you use this functionality well, it can be an extremely powerful marketing tool.

Word of mouth or personal recommendation is the golden egg, the silver bullet, the marketing utopia. People are just much more likely to buy if they think their friends have, and were happy with their purchase – which they must be if they’ve mentioned you in a tweet or status, right?

So how can you make the most of this? Here are our five golden rules for producing perfect purple social posts:

1) Get your tenses right

Remember that your posts will appear on your customer’s timeline – so write them as if they’re coming from your customer, ie:

I’m trying out the new cupcakes at Johns place in West Didsbury! Yum!


Our customers seem to love our new cupcakes – they’re yummy!

It’s subtle, and can be a bit tricky at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

2) Think commercially

We’re sure we don’t need to remind you of this, but keep it in mind when you’re changing your posts. What products are new? What promotions do you currently have? and obviously, let your customers know you now have free WiFi.

3) Make it interesting

Okay, so you should be commercial, but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring! Remember its ‘Social’ media – on the whole, people use it socially (caveat: see rule 4!). Try not to make your posts sound too much like a sales pitch – try a soft sell and informative approach. Softly softly catchee monkey!

4) Consider your audience

Always keep your customer in mind, and ensure that your posts reflect them. If you’re a soft play centre, your customers are likely to be parents, and so on. You do this every day in your business already, so keep the same approach with your Purple Posts.

Also think about the differences between the social media channels. In the Purple Portal you can create slightly different messages for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Apart from the obvious distinction that Twitter messages need to be a maximum of 140 characters, there’s also a slightly different feel about these three channels. ‘Friends’ on Facebook tend to be just that, whereas followers on Twitter could be a mixed bag – because anyone can follow anyone else. Linkedin is all about building business connections, although of course people also connect with friends and family.

5) Keep it fresh

Finally, make sure you update your posts regularly. If your visitors have the same message post every time they use your WiFi, they might switch off. Literally. You also want to keep information and offers as fresh and recent as possible in order to drive as much business as you can for your latest wares.

So take a look at the Purple Portal today, and make sure your posts fit our five rules! Our regular blogs will continue to give you hints and tips for making the most of Purple WiFi, so follow us to make sure you’re on-the-ball. And please do share your ideas for perfect purple posts by commenting on this blog.

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