Pets become WiFi Hotspots

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Thai mobile telecoms company, Dtac has turned pets into moving WiFi hotspots to promote its new moving WiFi service.

The pets were attached with a small router on their collars and set out onto the streets, for those nearby to log on.

Dtac faced the challenge of creating an innovative experience that would get people talking and gain more customers. The two-minute video shows adorable puppies being turned into moving online resources. No surprise then that the people of  Bangkok were excited by this strange ‘‘work and play” invention. People could get onto the WiFi by simply getting near to the puppy and connecting to the free service.

These new types of moving hotspots are not just for giving away free WiFi, but rather to get people to play and interact as well. The video shows amazingly good results from the campaign.

Take a look and feel free to share your impressions about this new and ground-breaking idea.

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