Purple and 24 Group Ltd Partner to Elevate Guest WiFi Experiences

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Empowering Businesses in the Caribbean: Purple and 24 Group Ltd Join Forces for Advanced Guest WiFi and Data Analytics Solutions

Purple, the intelligent spaces company, is proud to announce a new partnership with 24 Group Ltd, a prominent IT service provider, to bring state-of-the-art guest WiFi and data analytics solutions to businesses across the Caribbean.

Focused on optimizing guest WiFi experiences and providing powerful analytics tools, this collaboration empowers 24 Group Ltd to offer clients a robust, secure, and user-friendly WiFi platform. Real-time data and analytics ensure businesses understand customer behavior, improve operational efficiency, and elevate overall satisfaction. Key highlights of the partnership include: enhanced security and user-friendly WiFi experiences, cutting-edge data analytics for valuable customer insights, tailored services to meet diverse customer needs.

Purple CEO Gavin Wheeldon expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with 24 Group Ltd, an organization that shares our vision of creating intelligent spaces. This partnership allows us to reshape global customer engagement, setting a new standard for guest WiFi services. With Purple’s innovative technology, we are committed to delivering seamless digital transformations and exceptional connectivity for businesses in today’s digital world.”

The collaboration anticipates tangible results such as improved customer engagement, heightened operational efficiency, and an overall enhanced guest experience. By leveraging Purple’s advanced technology, businesses can unlock the full potential of WiFi, driving growth and success.

24 Group Ltd Chris Henderson CEO comments ‘We are excited about merging our IT solutions with Purple’s innovative platform, aligning with their commitment to excellence and transformative business solutions.’

About Purple

Purple has transformed the industry by becoming the leading platform for comprehensive, flexible, and proven Guest WiFi. Operating in over 60,000 venues worldwide, Purple specializes in tailoring solutions for the healthcare, retail, hospitality, attractions, and transportation sectors. The Purple platform enhances relationships between businesses and their audiences, resulting in increased revenues, improved customer loyalty, and enhanced visitor experiences.

About 24 Group Ltd 

24 Group Ltd is a team of experienced professionals committed to providing innovative technological solutions. With a focus on networking, CCTV, security, and consulting services, their mission is to empower clients with cutting-edge technologies to enhance connectivity, surveillance capabilities, data safety, and overall efficiency. The company aims to support businesses, organizations, and individuals in navigating and thriving within the dynamic digital landscape.

For further information please visit purple.ai  https://www.24groupltd.com/

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