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Hospitality brands can now connect with their customers before they even step on site – and we’re not talking about sending them from your social media pages. We’re talking about capturing their attention while they’re in the vicinity before they walk into your competitors’ restaurant, bar or cafe.

Purple, global WiFi analytics provider, and Better Ad Network, a disruptive company in the advertising ech space, are working together to help businesses steal their competitors’ market share and increase return visits with social WiFi and geo-fence advertising technology.

The technology is triggered when customers walk into a polygonal perimeter around the restaurant, cafe or bar. While browsing their phone they are targeted with ads to go to a particular venue. Better Ad Network boast being able to pull 2 – 6% of your competitors’ market share.

While in the venue customers log on to the hospitality WiFi with one of their social accounts and are redirected to redeemable voucher codes, social media pages to increase followers, and/or targeted advertisements from other businesses to generate third party revenue.

These ads can also be injected onto browser ad spaces while they are in your venue and their data is collected to start building accurate, up-to-date customer audience segments.

Now, businesses are capturing and identifying customers in their venue and collecting accurate data to send hyper-targeted content based on interests and offers, relevant to them, for a personalized experience.

These personalized campaigns sent direct from the hospitality business can increase customer return rates by 20% and could lead to a 10% increase in revenue, according to Purple,, on top of the ad revenue generated via Better Ad Network’s geo ads and targeting.

Purple and Better Ad Network will be attending the National Restaurant Association Show, one of the biggest hospitality events in the United States, hosted this year in McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois from the 19th to 22nd of May at booth 9953.

The landmark event collects all of the leading professionals across restaurants, bistros, bars, and entertainment & hospitality to present new learning opportunities and disruptive technologies that reflect today’s business challenges and forward thinking trends.

Purple and Better Ad Network will be showcasing their technology and speaking with local and national hospitality chains to show how the combined technologies can pull 2 – 6% more market share from competitors, collect valuable information and understand who is visiting their venue to increase repeat businesses, and monetize their hospitality WiFi.

Attending #NRAShow2018 or are interested in finding out more? Contact Shelly and Stacy to find out more!

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