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Purple is pleased to announce an exciting multi-year partnership with BT. British Telecom will now be able to provide its retail store customers with the ability to gain customer insights, just as they would online.

The partnership will see the incorporation of Purples advanced customer engagement capabilities within BT Wi-Fi services early next year, this collaboration enables BT to provide high street businesses with a level of customer insight, tracking, and analytics relating to footfall and user behavior.

The data is akin to that previously only accessible to those whose businesses operated in the online world.

Purple provides companies with Guest WiFi Solutions, WiFi Analytics Solutions, WiFi Marketing Solutions, and Wayfinding Technology.

With the use of Purple and BT, businesses can provide a simple social Wi-Fi login journey for their customers, enabling them to better understand customer needs, as well as in-venue behavior including frequency and duration of the visit.

This exciting insight will help BT’s Wi-Fi customers deliver tailored and targeted communications and better engage with their users, increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and footfall.

Gavin Wheeldon, Purples CEO commented:

“We’re delighted to have agreed this partnership with BT. Bricks and mortar businesses are being placed under increasing pressure by digital businesses, and we look forward to working with BT and their customers to help take advantage of the insights available to them and ultimately engage with their own customers in a more meaningful and profitable way”. 

Bruce Cuthbert, Director Connectivity and Commercial Sport at BT, added:

“Our partnership with Purple will give businesses, and particularly those in the retail, on-trade, F&B and leisure sectors the opportunity to take their Wi-Fi service to the next level.  These new features will help all manner of bricks and mortar businesses to connect with their customers in the online world and turn insight data into smarter marketing and profitable customer communications”.

BT will be offering Wi-Fi with Purple from early 2020.

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