Purple announces strategic partnership with SPC

Partnership announcement between Purple and SPC companies.
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Industry leader Purple and SPC International have announced a new partnership that marks a significant advancement in the Guest Wi-Fi landscape in Central America, setting a new standard for delivering transformative solutions to  customers.

SPC International has over 28 years of experience, specializing in advanced solutions for networks, telecommunications, and cybersecurity. The company offers comprehensive services that ensure technological sustainability and optimize the use of technology. Their expertise includes computer security, data center management, collaboration tools, connectivity, and telecommunications.

SPC Miguel Martínez CEO SPC Internacional commented “We look forward to collaborating with Purple to introduce a heightened level of innovation and value to the guest WiFi market.” 

This partnership underscores Purple’s commitment to aligning with top-tier solution providers and improving the landscape of Guest WiFi solutions, which has seen them turn an additional 5k+ venues Purple in 2023. Purple works with more than 40 OEMs, including 50% of the world’s largest service providers and are successfully providing solutions to customers globally such as Walmart Canada, Aena and Parque Arauco.

Purple’s Senior Vice President of Global Alliances, Bob Koch said “At Purple, we’ve always prioritized exceptional client experiences, and SPC mirrors that commitment. Together, we’ll bring advanced indoor location solutions tailor-made for the unique needs of Central American businesses. This isn’t just about technology; it’s about understanding local challenges and delivering solutions that drive tangible results. Get ready to see what happens when global expertise meets local understanding.”

About Purple

Purple has transformed the industry by becoming the leading platform for comprehensive, flexible, and proven Guest WiFi. Operating in over 60,000 venues worldwide, Purple specializes in tailoring solutions for the healthcare, retail, hospitality, attractions, and transportation sectors. The Purple platform enhances relationships between businesses and their audiences, resulting in increased revenues, improved customer loyalty, and enhanced visitor experiences.

About SPC

SPC International has successfully assisted numerous businesses in finding effective solutions to their technology and cybersecurity challenges. With a proven track record, the company has become a trusted partner in the industry, providing valuable implementations and services to optimize technology use and enhance overall cybersecurity.

For further information about the collaboration between Purple and SPC, please visit https://purple.ai/products/guest-wifi/ and https://spcinternacional.com/ 

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