Hear from Purple’s apprentices on why you need to get coding in 2018

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More job positions require coding and programming than you think. Significantly more businesses are relying on computer code to automate and design systems, from websites to networks and even email campaigns. Learning the skills to code and understand computer languages empowers employees with the confident to explore more tools and applications than you would because your understanding of how to use them is increased. These skills also broaden opportunities available across your career.

Abi and Alex from Purple had the opportunity to participate in the three-day Burst Course at We Are Code Nation in Manchester which covers the fundamentals of the coding languages JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Abi Perkins, Marketing Executive at Purple, said: “Over the three days we covered the basics of each language and frequently completed small tasks to put learning into practise. It worked really well because of how daunting and intense it appears to be at first; when its broken down it makes sense and the tutors at Code Nation really help you understand how a small piece of code can have a big effect.

“I found the HTML section of the course particularly useful as I use HTML regularly when creating email campaigns. We spent a day and a half going through and practising new techniques and features, which for me was great as it gave me more of an understanding of the language and how it works with JavaScript and CSS.

“Since being back in work I have already put new techniques into practise with different design and call to action elements, and code doesn’t look as daunting to me anymore. I think the importance of people being given the opportunity to code is critical, especially as the digital gap is so prominent in today’s industry,” said Abi.

Alex Mumford, Network Engineer Apprentice at Purple, said: “I’ve done coding languages recently but I hadn’t touched JavaScript, HTML and CSS for a few years. This gave me the impression that maybe it might end up being information overload for me and I might end up struggling with it.

“However, when we started and the tutors explained how it was going to be done, the structure and logic behind the different languages became much easier to understand. I went from being a bit nervous about coding to seeing how much of an impact these skills could have for my current role at Purple – and future ones too working across any network,” said Alex.

Coding benefits employees in any field

As an apprentice Network Engineer, Alex is working across the Purple offices on several projects and learning about how our high-tech network operates. Having a diverse range of skills, even as an apprentice, means you are able to contribute more to the team with a greater understanding of tasks.

“The benefits of me completing this course is that now I’m able to look at a piece of JavaScript, HTML or CSS when I’m working on something and be able to grasp what a section of code does quicker, which also means I can complete my tasks at Purple more efficiently,” said Alex.

“It was great to have the opportunity to get out of the office and learn new skills, and I would recommend it to other apprentices too. It has definitely opened my eyes to what coding can do and how it is applied in my role and in Abi’s – despite our different working backgrounds. I’ll be doing a bit of coding in my spare time as well for if I ever want to deepen my knowledge of the different languages in the new year!”

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