Purple Events: September is the month for creating worldwide connections

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Turning physical spaces such as restaurants, transportation hubs and stadia into intelligent spaces is not a passing Internet of Things trend. Business and artificial intelligence – these have quickly become best practices of how to do business. Intelligent spaces are a means for companies to no longer guess who their target audience is and what they want, but rather have a CRM database full of detailed profiles of individual targets and clear behavioural outlines of how consumers interact with their brand online and offline.
This September, #TeamPurple will be speaking with companies across four continents in the space of two weeks on how to better understand consumers and engage them online and offline with targeted marketing tools. Some of the industries we will cover in our presentations, exhibits, and exclusive live demos are across retail, QSR, hospitality, hotel, smart city and service provider industries.

Event: Ruckus Big Dogs
Date: 18 – 20 September
Location: Loews Hotel, South Beach Miami, US
Keeping ahead of WiFi capacity and coverage through accelerated adoption of mobile devices is a challenge faced by all industries. As a Ruckus Wireless partner, Purple are participating in the Big Dogs Miami event to ensure our combined offering meets the needs of businesses across multiple industries to make a return on their WiFi. Not even hurricane Irma can stop some of the top providers in the industry meeting to improve our strategic direction for our partners and customers.

Event: Telstra Vantage
Date: 20 – 21 September
Location: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Australia
Telstra Vantage is all about reimagining what is possible when it comes to new, powerful ways of doing business. One of the biggest challenges brick-and-mortar businesses are faced with is linking their online ecommerce with their footfall, and then driving back traffic to their online platform. As a provider one of the most valuable objectives you can help partners and customers with is closing this circle and growing customers loyalty to generate growth. Purple will be attending Telstra Vantage across two jam-packed, providing the simple answer to complex questions, such as:
How can I enhance my customer experience to improve business outcomes?
How can I better secure my data and customer information?
How can I foster innovation, research and development for competitive advantage?

Event: NRF’s Shop.org
Date: 25 – 27 September
Location: LA Convention Centre, Los Angeles
Are you wondering what’s next for the digital retail industry? We are constantly hearing about reinvention and transformation in retail and ecommerce industries, but what is actually happening, and what does it all mean for engaging with our consumers? Purple will be showcasing how our intelligent analytics and automated marketing tools are changing the way brands connect with their consumers – whilst driving a return on WiFi across thousands of venues. Come and find us and your opportunities in the Office Tech Lab!

Event: Expo COTELCO 2017
Date: 21 – 22 September
Location: Cali Pacific Event Center Cali, Yumbo/Centro de Eventos Valle del Pacifico, Colombia

For hoteliers, there is enormous potential to increase their efficiency in managing departments, resources, and entertainment services. How to achieve new levels of efficiency and effectiveness with technology you already have is something Purple specialise in. Through location analytics and social WiFi login, Purple helps hoteliers enhance their understanding of how staff and guests move around their hotel to allocate resources and staff accordingly. Hoteliers can even send automated offers and promotions relevant to guest interest’s depending on where they are in the hotel to general revenue in real-time. We are proud to be attending the esteemed Colombian Association of Hospitality and Tourism’s Expo COTELCO 2017 in Colombia and look forward to showcasing how our ‘Bring your own device’ feature, analytics and automated marketing capabilities.

Event: Choice Hotels European Convention
Date: 1 – 3 October
Location: Feria Valencia, Spain
Leading travellers to direct bookings, enhancing property performance and increasing the guest experience. These are unwavering goals of hoteliers across Europe where millions of dollars are being invested to support hotel owners, general managers, and marketing departments to improve contribution and return in multiple markets. How well do you really know your guests? Are you identifying every guest that checks into your hotel to deliver a truly personalised experience? Alongside LUXIA Global, Purple are attending Choice Hotel Europe’s convention in Valencia to challenge the perception free guest WiFi and targeted marketing.

Where will we see you this September?

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