Purple welcomes Favendo to its global partner network

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Purple has formed a new technology partnership with Favendo, the European leader in location-based services, to provide their customers with comprehensive insights into their venues and visitors.

Favendo, headquartered in Bamberg, Germany, develops and sells trend-setting location-based services for customers around the world and is recognised for its precise indoor navigation solutions. Purple’s WiFi and analytics solution was originally recommended to the firm by Cisco and following a demonstration of the platform, Favendo recognised that it offers the best visualisation of data compared to others in the market.

The company works with a number of well-known businesses in various industries around the globe, including retail, tourism, healthcare and manufacturing. Favendo has introduced the Purple solution to new and existing customers and is already looking to use the WiFi and analytics platform in a project with a chain of popular department stores.

Commenting on the partnership, Clemens Graf Finckenstein, Director of Operations at Favendo, said: “Purple offers the deepest insights into customer behaviour and we are highly impressed by the possibility to capture footfall numbers and visitor analytics even if people don’t log onto the WiFi network. Our customers will gain access to an array of insights around their business and operations, which in turn will allow them to optimize their processes.”

Customers of Favendo and Purple are able to legally capture valuable data about those individuals accessing the WiFi at their venues, including the person’s name, age, gender, email and interests. The solution also lets brands gain insights into visitor behaviour, dwell time, traffic flow and frequency of visits, which can then be used by marketing teams and business owners to improve communications, engagement and increase ROI.

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, said: “I’m delighted to welcome Favendo on board as a new technology partner and I know that the Purple solution will be a complementary fit to their existing portfolio. It’s great to hear that the firm is proactively introducing the product into discussions with both existing customers and prospects and I look forward to seeing what the business can achieve going forward.”

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