Richard Roberts, Vice President EMEA, explains how a free product can increase your profits

Richard Roberts
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Last month we officially launched Purple Free, our brand new free license product, which delivers more advanced capabilities than standard paid-for utility WiFi packages. You’re probably wondering why we introduced a free of charge solution. Why replace something that customers were willing to pay for with a new product that is completely free? Well, the reasons are pretty compelling.

The first is that introducing an industry leading guest WiFi product, with no additional costs, to your portfolio will not only add value to your services but it will help differentiate you from other competitors in the market. By packaging Purple Free with hardware, connectivity and support, you will be able to provide your customers with an exceptional WiFi experience – increasing conversion rates in the short term and making it more likely that they will renew their business with you in the longer term.

We also want to help you unlock fresh sales opportunities by enabling you to seamlessly introduce a free, high quality WiFi product into every sales conversation. In doing so, you can give customers the experience they desire without the additional cost. Who ever objected to getting something this good for free?

The second reason is that we have already seen that a significant proportion of Purple Free customers will upgrade to the Enhanced license, thereby increasing their lifetime value to you.

Time and time again customers are inspired when they get to see all of the analytics that they’ve not had access to and start to understand the true value of harnessing this data. They’re no longer wondering about the wealth of CRM data that could be made available to them, as it is there in black and white. They don’t have to guess what their key demographic is, they can see it in fact. The promise of having this plethora of invaluable information at their fingertips is enough of a stimulus to cause them to upgrade. We’ve seen this effect in our proof of concepts, where 2 out of every 3 evolve into customers.

Giving your customers access to Purple Free is the first step to moving them to Purple Enhanced and deriving a long term profit. You collect data about all Purple Free customers which can then presented back to them and used to trigger discussions on how they could make use of analytics to see what they could learn about their business as a whole. All of this value, simply presented yet very compelling.

Since the launch of Purple Free we have already seen over 500 companies sign up to the solution. Extrapolated out, we’ve added more than 350 future Enhanced customers into our pipeline together with our partners . Not a bad start, but if our entire partner community embraced Purple Free in the same way as the early movers have  then the possibilities for us together are huge.

Going back to the initial question: how can a free product increase your profits? Well, we are convinced it will help you win more customers, retain them for longer, and encourage them to buy even more from you. By arming you with critical business insights from the analytics we collect, it empowers you to become ever more relevant, ever more informed, and ever more embedded in the business of your customers. That’s how.

So what next? If you’re not an existing partner, please click here.

If you are a partner, then setting up free accounts for your customers couldn’t be easier. You can either set them up as customers directly within your partner portal, or they can sign up via the Purple website here. As a partner we’ll set up a dedicated partner page for each of you, where your customers can trial our Enhanced product for 14 days, after which they’ll automatically become a free customer. All you need to do is contact your Partner Manager and then get your customers to your page. Easy.

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