Purple launches partnership with Dallas Area Rapid Transit

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The strategic partnership aims to increase DART’s customer record collection, and the quality of the data by implementing Purple’s Guest WiFi solution, a branded captive portal, and collecting real-time customer insights with additional WiFi Analytics. 

Purple and Dallas Area Rapid Transit announced today that the companies have entered into a long-term business relationship focused on creating key contacts and demographic information enabling them to understand their customers and future communication with them.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit has chosen Purple’s best-in-class Guest WiFi solution to be implemented in their Dallas transport venue across 300 access points. By utilizing Purple’s captive portal functionality, DART will personalize splash pages and customers can log in to their WiFi network through a customized form or by using their social media credentials.

The new partnership brings together two leading market providers to enhance modern public transit services and improve the customer experience enabling a safe and fast WiFi network while analyzing data to make informed decisions. With Purple’s captive portal functionality DART will be able to manage every step of the WiFi experience to enrich their CRM records with unique and valuable data from over 220,000 daily passengers that move across their extensive network of rail, bus, and paratransit services.    

“We’re extremely proud of Purple’s role in Dallas Area Rapid Transit digital transformation with an innovative solution to increase rich customer data. Understanding who their customers are and how they can improve the travel experience unlocks the potential to influence overall customer experience, return rates, and ultimately drive revenue ”. Gavin Wheeldon, Chief Executive of Purple

Robert Beeson, Director of Operations of Landmark Dividend (DART Digital Kiosk Program) commented: “We are excited to be partnering with Purple and look forward to having a positive impact on our customer data collection, travel experience, and venue’s operations.

Purple has worked with highly recognized brands in the transport sector including Avanti West Coast, Lincoln Airport, C2C Rail, Big Bus, and Burlington International Airport. Our leading captive portal tool continues to capture valuable insights from millions of WiFi users, enabling transport companies to reach a huge untapped base of visitors and discover opportunities to create mobility options that stimulate the quality of travel across venues.

About Dallas Area Rapid Transit

DART Dallas Area Rapid Transit is a customer of Landmark Dividend, a global leader in the acquisition, development, and management of the real estate and infrastructure. With DART, travelers can easily explore North Texas and go someplace they’ve never been. From arts and culture to sports, recreation, dining, and special events, DART can get visitors to more places than you can imagine. From hidden gems in every neighborhood to the trendiest spots in town, every trip can be a new adventure.

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