Purple turns WiFi market on its head by unveiling new free product

Purple turns WiFi market on its head by unveiling new free product
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Purple, the intelligent spaces company, has today announced its brand new free licence product, which delivers more advanced functionality than other paid-for utility WiFi solutions on the market.

The WiFi and analytics provider made the bold, yet strategic move to disrupt a market that continues to charge unnecessary fees for Wifi services with limited capabilities, by launching a cutting edge free solution with market leading functionality. Purple Free enables venues and businesses to acquire a seamless guest WiFi service that adheres to the Corporate Data Protection Policy, simplistic login, branded splash pages and a glimpse of Purple’s customer insights, without expense.

Purple specialises in delivering a WiFi solution that generates real-time analytics and marketing for brands that want to engage with visitors and understand the use of their physical spaces. Through the process of creating ‘Intelligent Spaces’, Purple can help businesses around the world learn more about their location and customer base, and help them to take action.

Commenting on the new free product, Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, said: “Purple Free is sure to cultivate fresh opportunities and cement our place as the leader for WiFi and analytics. Customers simply don’t need to pay excessive costs for a simple guest WiFi solution and with Purple Free, the price tag is instantly eliminated and the product is of a superior quality.

“Many of the old guard utility WiFi vendors sell on the fear around lawful intercepts, privacy and data sovereignty which are all serious concerns that a venue operator should consider. Purple Free covers all of these legal considerations by acting as the service provider, it also offers the ability to completely brand the experience making sure their customers feel a connection with the venue they are in rather than a disconnected WiFi provider.”

Those using Purple’s Enhanced Licence have access to CRM data, custom reports, social engagement tools, marketing features and connectors such as TripAdvisor, which have all been proven to deliver significant ROI. However, Purple Free customers can be shown the detailed analytics that have been collected about their venues and customers if they wish to understand the value of Purple Enhanced.

Through offering a high quality, free product, both Purple and its network of partners will have a stronger penetration into their target markets when competing with other providers. Purple Free is a justifiable choice in terms of value and proficiency, plus it gives the customer the chance to gain insights and make a return on investment at a later date by upgrading to Purple’s enhanced product.

Customers of Purple Free can be shown a library of analytics about their own location and customers, making the portal demonstrations for Purple Enhanced more personalised to each specific brand. The complete list of features for both the Free and Enhanced licences can be found on Purple’s online pricing page.

Gavin adds: “Purple was the first of its kind in the marketplace. We always strive to be at the forefront of the market in terms of technology, innovation, staff and product development, and the launch of Purple Free will mark an exciting new chapter for both us and our global partners. By introducing a free of charge solution that exceeds any other solution on the market, it allows Purple to accelerate to the next stage of success in our business journey.”

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