Purple welcomes NLT Networks on board its global partner network

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Purple has formed a technology partnership with NLT Networks, leading providers of IT business solutions and consultancy, to provide businesses with in-depth data around their customers and physical spaces.

NLT Networks work with a number of high profile partners including, Fortinet, Ruckus, Cisco, Meraki, HPe, Aruba and more, and they have an impressive customer base including Equifax, Deutsche Bank and Zurich. NLT Networks, founded in 2010, has been developing and selling WiFi solutions for over six years. The Chilean based company pride themselves on their creative and innovative approach to delivering solutions that enhance the day-to-day operations of a business.

NLT Networks are already working on a large project involving the integration of Purple with IBM Watson Analytics, the smart data discovery and advanced analytics platform, for a large supermarket chain in Santiago, Chile.

The integrated solution utilizes multiple methods of data capture, including data retrieved through guest WiFi and POS. This will allow the supermarket chain to distinguish who their customers truly are so they can begin to develop a unique loyalty programme. The data will also allow the customer to distribute targeted campaigns to improve engagement, drive footfall, and deliver ROI.

Commenting on the partnership with Purple, Lorenzo Espinoza, CEO and Co-founder of NLT Networks said: “Across our region, WiFi is typically only used for internal operations, and the cost associated with setting up the infrastructure to provide guest WiFi tends to outweigh the potential return. With Purple, we’re tackling this issue head-on to create a cost-effective solution that focuses on the customer data that can be collected through guest WiFi, and how this data can be used to directly impact ROI.

“With the Purple product, we have been able to provide a solution that allows businesses to connect and engage with their customers. Let’s be honest, people in a restaurant, store, or shopping centre pay more attention to their phones and smart devices than they do physical signs or customer announcements; this engagement allows businesses to communicate more effectively with their customers, enhancing the customer experience. What’s more, we have been able to use this data to help businesses understand how customers are moving around their venues.”

Espinoza continues: “Purple provides a great set of features for reporting and analytics which is something we really love. The product has been a crucial part for us in developing a solution that delivers in-depth customer insights”.

Using Purple, NLT Networks have built a powerful cloud-based solution that integrates, guest WiFi, proximity marketing, location analytics and wayfinding. Their solution, compatible with iOS and Android, allows businesses to understand how customers interact and move around their venues, and with the use of geofences, can send push notifications so businesses can connect and engage with customers instantly.

CEO of Purple, Gavin Wheeldon, commented: “I think the focus NLT Networks are placing on the customer data that can be collected through guest WiFi and how this can impact ROI will be a huge selling point in the region and we are excited to see what the business can achieve moving forward”.

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