Purple announce re-launch of their global Partner Insights Program

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Purple, the intelligent spaces company, has the privilege of partnering with incredible companies across the globe. More than ever before, businesses want to know exactly who their customers are to deliver an engaging, interactive and personalised experience, and this includes marketing departments, data consultancies and agencies on behalf of their clients as well.

Partnerships have played a core part in achieving Purple’s constantly growing global network of companies seeking to discover the true depths of their data. To reflect the evolution and increasingly centric role data has in business strategy, Purple have re-launched the Partner Insights Program.

We sat down with Kerry Wright, Director of Alliances at Purple to talk about how the team will further bolster Purple’s performance, ambition and culture of infinite possibility and optimism with the new Purple Partner Insights Program.

Why has Purple relaunched the Partner Insights Program?

There is a clear opportunity to change the market and deliver unprecedented growth for Purple. When we launched the new program on November 1, the goal was to reflect the commitment and passion our Partners invest in Purple after identifying Partners were not truly rewarded in line with the intrinsic value they were delivering.

How is the new program different?

The new program seeks to reward Partners re-imagining the impact of data analytics for their customers. There is a rigorous focus upon driving growth, accelerating activation and demand generation to deliver pace, scale and greater confidence to Purple and our Partners as the leader in intelligent spaces. We’ve also brought on some truly passionate Partner Sales Managers (PSMs) across our global officers to take our newly formed ecosystem to another level. The program is completely refreshed, re-purposed and re-motivated for our Partner community, with results over the past month proving we are offering a richer diversity of solutions to our customers and differentiating Purple further from any potential competitor.

What was happening in the Partner landscape that needed to change?

As a pioneer of WiFi and location analytics technology our product offering was a perfect fit for IT and service providers – our traditional Partner profile. However, as Purple has grown exponentially over the last five years so too has our vision for how our platform can help businesses, and their external associates, analyse insights to better understand and engage consumers. Our platform has pushed the boundaries and mindsets of companies of what is possible with data. There was a clear distinction between Partners who were championing our product and vision to companies that require more training and support. What we have done with the new program is create a multi-level approach to achieve an exemplary Purple Partner status, and opened the door to a new pool of Partners working in marketing, communications and data focused agencies.

How will marketing and data agencies external to a company add value with Purple?

Purple’s proposition has evolved to capture the imagination of even the largest of customers. By introducing our Referral Partner tier to the program, we are opening our platform’s capabilities to like-minded visionaries who are using data to tell the story of their clients’ consumers and build stronger business relationships. The platform presents another level of depth and differentiation of their own to their service.

Can you give us a brief outline of what the levels of Becoming a Purple Partner look like?

Yes, of course. As previously mentioned, marketing and data agencies will make up our new Referral Partner network and collect a 10% referrers fee. Our traditional Partners involved with installing technical infrastructure and providing a level of technical support to their customers will make up our mid-band Approved Partners. When a company demonstrates they have gone above and beyond training their business development teams they achieve a Preferred Purple Partner status. These are the companies which completely embrace Purple’s ethos and put our vision into the heart of sales conversions to accelerate sales velocity.

What are the benefits in partnering with Purple?

The program’s new structure means our team is better equipped to empower and motivate our Partners to gain new, recurring revenue streams and differentiate in their competitive markets. Purple’s cloud-based software has been designed to integrate with most vendors, from small to enterprise, and boasts powerful API’s for systems integration that meets legal requirements, including GDPR. Each company also has a dedicated PSM and access to marketing and sales collateral.

How do interested companies get in touch?

The quickest and easiest way to get in touch is to register interest on our website. As we have five offices (and counting!) across four continents, you will be speaking directly with one of our passionate PSMs in your company’s  region within 24 hours and on your way to becoming a Purple Partner.

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