Purple Partners with Alta Labs to Revolutionize Networking Technology

purple partners with alta labs to revolutionize networking technology
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Alta Labs, a pioneer in creating revolutionary networking technology powered by their proprietary software and hardware designs, has proudly announced its partnership with Purple, the market leader in providing innovative WiFi and analytics solutions. This collaboration aims to redefine how enterprise, business, and residential users connect by integrating Alta Labs’ cutting-edge technology with Purple’s advanced WiFi solutions.

Purple is a leading provider of WiFi and analytics solutions, dedicated to offering cutting-edge technology that transforms the way users experience connectivity. Their innovative products and services empower businesses, enterprises, and individuals to enjoy secure, efficient, and seamless networking experiences. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction, Purple continues to push the boundaries of connectivity technology, setting new standards in the industry.

The partnership between Alta Labs and Purple brings together expertise from two industry leaders to offer unparalleled connectivity solutions. By combining Alta Labs’ content filtering technology, multi-password authentication feature, and wireless network color-coding with Purple’s advanced WiFi and analytics capabilities, this partnership will revolutionize how users experience secure and efficient networking.

  • Content Filtering: Alta Labs’ content filtering feature restricts access to inappropriate or unauthorized websites, ensuring a safer and more productive browsing experience.
  • AltaPass™ Multi-Password Authentication: Alta Labs’ patented AltaPass technology enables users to utilize different WiFi passwords to separate network traffic and efficiently manage connectivity.
  • Wireless Network Color Coding: With patent-pending functionality, users can assign groups to wireless SSIDs and designate membership to wireless access points, streamlining network management processes.
  • Router independence: Alta Labs’ Guest Network Type eliminates dependencies on any specific router feature-set or VLAN functionality. Guest isolation can be implemented in a PCI-compliant manner with very little networking knowhow.

Dallin Kauffman, VP of Business Development at Alta Labs commented, “Our partnership with Purple represents a significant step forward in providing cutting-edge connectivity solutions to our users. By leveraging Purple’s advanced WiFi solutions, we aim to enhance user experiences and redefine networking standards in the industry.”

Integrating Alta Labs’ innovative networking technologies with Purple’s advanced WiFi solutions is expected to deliver exceptional connectivity experiences for enterprise, business, and residential users. The collaboration anticipates improved network security, enhanced efficiency in traffic management, and seamless connectivity across various user groups.

In support of the partnership, Purple’s SVP of Global Alliances Bob Koch stated, “We are thrilled to be working alongside Alta Labs to introduce game-changing networking solutions to the market. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to innovation and customer-centric approaches, driving us to deliver unparalleled WiFi solutions and redefine connectivity standards.”

As Alta Labs and Purple continue to drive innovation in the networking industry, customers can expect heightened network security, improved connectivity management, and seamless user experiences. The partnership between these industry leaders signifies a new era in networking technology, setting new benchmarks for connectivity and user satisfaction.

To learn more about the advantages of using Alta Labs and Purple please join our webinar, on Thursday, August 1st at 9 AM PT. You can register for the event here.

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