Purple partners with U.S. based Exit Design

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Purple has teamed up with Exit Design, a leading experiential graphic design firm that produces comprehensive wayfinding and signage systems to help complex organizations promote their brand and enhance their visitor experience. Through an experience assessment, engaging with staff and patients to gather quantitative and qualitative data, Exit is able to understand the strengths and challenges faced by the facility and provide holistic wayfinding solutions.

For over 13 years, Exit Design has collected insight and delivered navigation and display systems for some of the most prestigious organizations in the U.S. such as UPMCKaiser Permanente, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, and University Hospitals, Cleveland.

In 2019 Purple acquired the American-based digital wayfinding company, LogicJunction. 

Purple’s aim with digital wayfinding is to create a better visitor experience, especially within the healthcare industry. The web, mobile, and kiosk solutions Purple presents are capable of reducing visitor anxieties with in-hand navigation, further benefiting internal operations as staff are able to continue in their roles uninterrupted.

The expertise from both parties will continually drive success in reaching the overall goal of creating a seamless patient experience. 

This user-centered research and deep understanding which Exit brings will provide a fresh perspective to Purple’s Wayfinding solution as well as produce highly branded environments. As a result of this partnership, healthcare organizations will be able to enhance the patient experience completely, while also benefiting from new opportunities to communicate useful messages and deliver personalized deals to drive revenue. 

Commenting on the partnership with Purple, here’s what Alan Jacobson, Founder, and CEO of Exit Design had to say:

“Digital tools are essential in delivering the best customer experiences, and paired with the environments we already engage in, Purple’s Blue Dot solution will enable organizations to support their user’s journey in a fully integrated manner.”

Also commenting on the Purple & Exit partnership, Gavin Wheeldon, Founder, and CEO of Purple said this:

“Through this partnership, we’re looking to expand the ways in which we can tackle the problems faced by healthcare and experienced by patients. The Wayfinding offering this partnership creates will enable visitors to navigate with confidence and improve the bottom line for healthcare venues, not just now but for years to come.”

Creating a completely comprehensive solution for healthcare venues using wayfinding and digital signage is a necessity. Patients that don’t show up on time, or at all, equal a great loss in revenue for healthcare venues, which over time amounts to a critical loss. In the U.S. alone more than $150 billion is lost due to missed and late appointments.

In the past, healthcare systems have faced challenges in implementing digital wayfinding solutions due to the cost of installation, little to no support from internal decision-makers, and the difficulty of IT integration, and overwhelming fundamental wayfinding challenges. Moving forward with the Purple and Exit package a complete Wayfinding solution eradicates these issues.

How do we eradicate the issues?

Creating a system of total support – Through user-based research, Exit Design uncovers the root causes of navigational challenges and provides a suite of tools to address them, including developing an intuitive wayfinding language, comprehensive exterior and interior signage, memorable graphic landmarks and staff training on the art of direction giving.

C-level decision-maker support – Exit Design and Purple both bring the experience of working directly with your C-suite to build consensus and aid in decision making. Positive correlations between a good patient experience and increases in revenue have been noticed by high-level employees in the healthcare industry. However, since there hasn’t yet been a solution that is both cost-effective and provides detailed insights, support from decision-makers is sometimes hard to get.

Connects to your systems – Integration with Epic and other EMR platforms means the whole system is closely integrated with patient care records and communications

Reducing cost with reduction of hardware needed – Purple’s Wayfinding solution requires 80% less hardware than other solutions, which reduces costs substantially

Easy to implement – With a large reduction in hardware requirements, the hardware element is dramatically reduced. 

Your customers expect it – More than 800,000 directions are given each year within a 1 million square foot medical center, and 60% of  patients and visitors have made it clear that they want a more digitally inclusive experience

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