Purple Promotes Veteran Tech Leader to Chief Technology Officer: Iain Jewitt Steps Up to Drive Innovation and Growth

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Seasoned technologist with a passion for pushing boundaries takes the helm of Purple’s technology vision

Purple, a leading innovator in indoor location services, today announced the promotion of Iain Jewitt to Chief Technology Officer (CTO), effective immediately. Jewitt brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role, boasting over 25 years in digital development and nearly 20 years in leadership positions. This move builds upon Iain’s ten years at Purple, where he has served as Senior Vice President of Technology and a member of the executive team for the past year. Prior to joining Purple, Iain honed his expertise at a renowned digital agency, delivering award-winning solutions for major brands like Molson Coors (Carling, Grolsch, Coors Light), Premier League, Barclays, and Bravissimo.

Driving Innovation and Empowering Customers

Iain’s focus within the new role will be to develop cutting-edge solutions that empower Purple’s customers and unlock new opportunities for growth, continuing to push the boundaries in the indoor location space, leveraging his passion for technology and data to make a significant impact.

Proven Track Record of Excellence

During his time at Purple, Iain has consistently demonstrated leadership and technical excellence, guiding the technology team from its early stages with a handful of employees and customers to the industry innovator it is today. He played a pivotal role in ensuring Purple’s successful scaling, while simultaneously prioritizing the development of a secure solution for both customers and users. 

“Iain’s deep understanding of technology, operational excellence, and commitment to innovation make him the perfect leader to guide our technology vision and execution. With his proven leadership and dedication to our customers, I am confident that Iain will play a key role in driving Purple’s continued growth and success.”

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple

Iain’s vision for the future of Purple

“I am incredibly honored to lead our talented technology team in developing future Purple solutions that will provide increased value to our customer base. We will continue to be at the forefront of innovation in the indoor location space, and I am confident that we can make a significant impact on the industries we serve.”

Another key milestone in Purple’s evolution

Iain’s promotion comes off the back of an extraordinary couple of months for Purple which has seen them secure new investment from BGF, launch RTLS Web Wayfinding into the  Stadium and Airport markets, all while continuing to grow and expand their customer base of some of the biggest brands in the world.

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