Purple Sponsorship Program: How can brands advertise on guest WiFi access journeys?

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Many businesses are looking for new ways to reach their target audience, and year after year are continually using the same techniques such as PPC and social media advertising. These options, while sometimes effective, are getting more expensive as businesses compete for the attention of their desired audience.

For example, 64% of brands are looking to increase their PPC budgets over the next 12 months which will create a more competitive and expensive space when trying to reach intended audiences. Additionally, global spending for social advertising has a projected growth of 10.93% year on year, equaling a global spend of $233,137,000 USD by the year 2025

Purple has created a new way for non-competing businesses to beneficially collaborate, by creating a brand new marketing channel called WiFi Sponsorship.

What is the WiFi Sponsorship Program?

Purple’s WiFi Sponsorship Program is a brand new marketing method for brands to get extremely personalized with their ads and targeted with desired audiences.

With a mix of advertising opportunities that sit within WiFi access journeys, brands now have the opportunity to ensure their marketing spend will deliver ads and messages to the right audience every time.

Offline Splash Page Advertisement

As visitors access the free WiFi, users are presented with a relevant brand advertisement at the start and end of their authentication journey. These advertisements have to be viewed in order for a visitor to complete their login journey, and are not blockable.

Why is that important?

With 41% of consumers are using ad blockers having this ability protects brand investments and ensures marketing efforts reach the intended audience.

Interstitial Video Advertisement

Just like any video-based platform, interstitial videos are used to grab user attention, and what better place to grab attention than when customers are receptive and eager to get online?

A staggering 51% of consumers use their mobile devices to identify new brands and products, and with sponsored ads, they won’t have to look for products that are relevant to them.

Online Sponsored Competition

Users that log in to the venue WiFi can opt-in to enter competitions that are promoted via the online splash pages. With a marketing opt-in rate of 80%, Purple can provide brands with clean opt-in CRM records.

This method of mobile marketing not only provides users with competitions they’d be interested in but additionally provides sponsors with increased customer engagement opportunities in the future with the data provided during the login journey.

How will WiFi Sponsorship work for my brand?

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, there is a common pain shared among marketeers with wasted advertising budgets being spent on Google or Social Platforms with little to no return on investment, and yet, global spending is only increasing.

Purple will work with your brand to discover your marketing objectives and ensure that your budget is properly spent to reach the most relevant demographics.

Finding a relevant audience

Purple’s WiFi analytics customers are always collecting highly valuable insights on their customers through the bespoke access journey visitors must go through in order to access the guest WiFi, and can be viewed or segmented within the captive portal.

What kind of data do end-users provide?

Visitors that go to a Purple venue provide detailed information as they get online, such as their: Name, Age, and Contact information. Additional insights like store location can be paired within the Purple portal. 

The details provided by end-users can then be segmented into relevant audiences that correlate with the business’s target market. This is how we’ll find the right audience for your brand and keep advertisements highly targeted and relevant.

All data collected and profiles targeted are legally compliant (GDPR, ISO & ISO Information Security Management Accredited).

Creating the right message

Purple works with your brand to clarify the desired audience, advertising objectives, and estimated costs per action.

The purpose of this is to ensure that your advertisements and messaging will be delivered to a highly targeted and reactive audience, ensuring that everything is done to get end-users to convert.

Messages can vary for every audience depending on the advertisement type (Offline, Interstitial, Competition – as mentioned above) so it is critical for messages to be optimized in order to capture consumer attention.

Running the ads

After the marketing goals have been set, the audiences chose, and the messaging created, knowing when and where the campaign will run is the final step.

Picking the right venues

Purple works with existing customers to ensure that their venue access journeys and the experience for the visitors are protected. To guarantee this we work closely with our customers to find sponsors that will be the right fit for their industry and the relevant tone for end-users.

How are ads run?

Similar to audience segmentation, it’s vital that advertisement efforts are shown on the right days, at the most effective times, and at the venues with the greatest chances of interaction.

An example of this: Friday – Sunday, between 12 pm & 9 pm, at locations based in the North West of the United Kingdom.

This level of granular targeting further ensures that budgets are spent in periods with high chances of success as audiences will be the most receptive to offers and finding out about new businesses.

How to get started

Take a look at our WiFi Sponsorship page for more insight and to speak with one of our experts!

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