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Quick question? When was the last time you sent an email to a friend or family member? How about the last time a friend or family member sent an email to you? Can you even remember?! My guess is if you can, it is a very rare occurrence.

So, why is that?

  • Is it because either you or your family members don’t have email accounts? In the year 2019, probably not.
  • Is it because you can’t send a funny meme or GIF in an email? Well, no. Even if you don’t know how to embed images or GIF’s in an email, you can easily paste a link to it.
  • Is it because an email takes too long to compose or to reach its recipient? Probably not, the message is as long as you make it and typically it takes a matter of seconds to reach the recipient.

So, why is it we choose to use alternatives to email when contacting friends or family? The answer…. convenience.

Instant messaging allows us to have all the functionality of email, including text, images, and emojis. Often, this is via a mobile device with popular apps such as, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat or Viber, allowing us to keep in constant contact.

You’re probably wondering, “why am I being asked loads of questions about email?!”

It’s because Purple understands the ‘inconvenience’ of email. We have moved into the modern age and improved support for our customers with Live Chat – now available from our support site.

Purple Live Chat

Most customers in the technology industry (or any industry for that matter) want a fast response to a problem they’re experiencing.

Using emails or a ticket-based system can slow down the response time and can be infuriating for customers, especially if the problem is business critical and needs resolving immediately. With our Live Chat function, you can get in touch with a member of our support team almost instantly, and what’s more, you can leave the chat and come back at any time and the full transcript will be saved using your IP address. So even if you close the tab or window, the whole conversation will be there when you return.

To highlight the demand for Live Chat and the benefits in terms of response time, here are some statistics from April 1st, when Live Chat was launched, to now.

  • 22% of tickets raised with Purple Support have been via Live Chat
  • Chat tickets are resolved x7.5 faster than those raised via email
  • Chat tickets resolved x4 times faster than tickets raised by phone
  • Customer satisfaction rating = 4.8/5

So, where can you find Purple Live Chat?

You can start a Live Chat very easily, just head over to our support site – click here.

In the bottom right of the screen, you will see the Live Chat function.

Click to open the Live Chat function. From here, a small menu will appear where you can select which aspect of the portal you’re having trouble with.

Once you select which part of the portal you’re having trouble with, you can type and send your message and one of the support engineers will start speaking to you as soon as possible.

Once you feel as though your problem has been solved by our support team, they can close the chat for you. Once the chat has ended a ticket will be created on your behalf so you can view the conversation again should you need to.

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