Purple Takes Flight: Global Leader in Indoor Location Services Lands in Airports with Web-Based Digital Wayfinding Solutions

purple takes flight
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From Frustration to Flow: Purple Optimizes Airport Navigation, Streamlining Operations and Driving Non-Aeronautical Revenue.

Purple, a global leader in indoor location services, announced today the expansion of its powerful web-based digital wayfinding solutions into the airport market. Leveraging a decade of experience in complex venues like hospitals, Purple equips airports with the tools to streamline passenger journeys, reduce stress, and boost non-aeronautical revenue.

Solving a Global Navigation Challenge:

Airports face a significant challenge: only 34% of passengers report satisfaction with their experience. Anxious about missing flights, many arrive early, spending valuable time waiting instead of enjoying airport amenities. Recognizing this widespread frustration, 33% of airports are charting a course towards improved wayfinding technology by 2025. This demand aligns perfectly with Purple’s strengths and proven track record in complex environments.  Its user-friendly web-based solution empowers airports to streamline passenger journeys, alleviate stress, and unlock new revenue streams, creating a win-win scenario for both travelers and airport operators.

Intuitive Navigation, Elevated Experience:

With Purple’s web-based system, passengers can:

  • Plan turn-by-turn routes: Navigate complex terminals with ease, eliminating confusion and saving precious time.
  • Explore points of interest: Discover restaurants, shops, and amenities with intuitive search functionality and detailed information.
  • Share and connect: Passengers can share location links and generate QR codes for seamless navigation assistance.
  • Device-agnostic access: Responsive design ensures a smooth experience on any device, from smartphones to laptops.

Purple’s CRO, Shaun Bossons, emphasizes the impact of this technology: “Navigating an airport shouldn’t feel overwhelming. Our web-based digital wayfinding empowers airports to transform the passenger experience. By reducing stress and improving wayfinding, we unlock opportunities for increased dwell time, enhanced satisfaction, and ultimately, more revenue.”

The Ripple Effect of Smoother Journeys:

By implementing Purple’s digital wayfinding, airports can reap a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond simplified passenger navigation. Reduced stress translates to happier passengers, who are more likely to dwell and spend at airport shops and restaurants, boosting non-aeronautical revenue. Improved operational efficiency through streamlined passenger flow leads to lower operating costs and better on-time performance. Ultimately, Purple’s web-based wayfinding isn’t just about guiding passengers to their gates; it’s about transforming airports into thriving commercial hubs where every journey leads to new opportunities.

“Gone are the days of lost passengers and missed connections,” comments Gavin Wheeldon, Purple’s CEO. “Our smart wayfinding solutions optimize airport operations, boosting efficiency and reducing costs. This translates to happier passengers, higher dwell times, and ultimately, significantly increased non-aeronautical revenue. It’s a win-win for both airports and travelers.”

About Purple:

Founded in 2012, Purple provides the industry’s most comprehensive, flexible and proven indoor location services platform. With our solutions in over 60k venues worldwide, Purple specializes in delivering indoor location services solutions for healthcare, retail, hospitality, attractions and  transport. We do this to help businesses grow, increase customer loyalty, and enhance visitor experience.

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