Purple partners with TitanHQ to provide secure Wi-Fi content filtering

Purple partners with TitanHQ to provide secure Wi-Fi content filtering
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Purple, the intelligent spaces company, has unveiled its latest partnership with TitanHQ, who is providing secure Wi-Fi content filtering to both new and existing customers worldwide.

By partnering with TitanHQ, customers who have opted to include content filtering in their WiFi and analytics package from Purple will have complete peace of mind that over 60,000 malware iterations are being detected and blocked daily by the market leading filtering solution.

TitanHQ’s content filtering is powered by WebTitan Cloud, the global leading content filter, which is capable of managing thousands of WiFi locations across the globe through a single admin console without any latency.

Commenting on the new partnership, James Wood, Head of Integration at Purple said “We approached TitanHQ with a number of specific requirements that were unique to Purple. From day one it was evident that they were capable of not only providing what we needed but were very responsive and technically capable.

“We take guest WiFi security seriously so it was important that our customers were protected in the right way. Along with the protection offered, WebTitan also allows us to extend the control to our customers via their API. Our customers can now manage their own filtering settings directly from the Purple Portal.”

Wi-Fi Security

The efficient content filtering system from TitanHQ not only blocks all inappropriate web content but also provides a key layer of security, which is particularly beneficial for businesses following the recent “Wannacry” ransomware infection that affected government, healthcare and private company systems.

Fast Deployment

Once the contract was in place between TitanHQ and Purple, the WebTitan team set out to replace the incumbent system in the fastest possible time frame. Over several thousand users were migrated safely and securely to the new content filtering solution within a matter of days.

Discussing the impressive turnaround time, James adds: “With demanding timescales involved for the migration, we invested heavily in WebTitan and they have not failed to deliver.”

Ronan Kavanagh, CEO of TitanHQ, added “We’re delighted to welcome Purple to the TitanHQ family. This is a partnership that illustrates just how well suited WebTitan is to Wi-Fi environments.

Content filtering for Wi-Fi will be a given in service terms over the next few years. Purple again is leading the way with their focus on this area.”

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