Purple WiFi hit the Hospitality show 2013

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Ironically, the environmental factors surrounding the Hospitality show in Birmingham on the 21st to 23rd January couldn’t have been much more inhospitable! Snow began to blanket Birmingham as we prepared for the show along with over 300 other exhibitors.

The hospitality show 2013 exhibition is a staple event for hoteliers, bar, restaurant and Café owners wishing to find new and exciting products and services and make purchases for the year ahead.

As the 2013 show began on Monday it was evident that whilst many had taken one look outside and decided to stay under the duvet, many hardy punters were keen to make best use of the parade of new products, services and demonstrations on offer.

We’re very keen that the whole Purple team hears first hand feedback from our customers about the functionality which Purple WiFi brings. There’s so much that the software can offer, that it’s hard to know where to start attracting attention. From a Marketers perspective, the experience provided me with the opportunity to run the gauntlet of possible pitches in front of our target audience:

“Do you offer free, secure WiFi?”

“Would you like more Facebook ‘Likes’?”

“Would you like to know more about your customers?”

“Would you like to encourage repeat customers?”

“Would you like to give your loyal customers an easy way to recommend you?”

“Do you have an email marketing system?”

The list goes on…

In essence, Purple WiFi is a marketing tool. Beyond the ability to provide a secure hotspot, this is the real benefit we bring to our customers. So growing social media presence and using data to market effectively was without doubt my most popular holler.

As the sponsors of the free WiFi in the café area, many visitors were able to try the system out for themselves. Despite some slow periods caused by very heavy usage throughout the hall, the feedback we received was fantastic. People loved the idea and the ease of the log on in comparison to some of the convoluted log in requirements of many free WiFi systems.

In a final word on behalf of the Purple WiFi troops, special thanks must go to ‘Scampi Gary’, a nearby exhibitor and purveyor of fish, who kept the team fueled with his unfeasibly tasty fried crustaceans throughout the proceedings.

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