Purple WiFi partners with Softcat to expand customer acquisition opportunities

Purple WiFi partners with Softcat to expand customer acquisition opportunities
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Purple WiFi, the cloud-based Social WiFi software company, today announced a partnership with Softcat, a leading IT infrastructure provider to corporate and public sector organisations.

Softcat provides customers with core IT platforms, encapsulating software licensing, client computing, data centre infrastructure, networking and security, and IT services for on-going support and management. The company employs approximately 850 people and achieved revenues of £596 million in its last financial year.

Purple WiFi is partnering with Softcat to expand the reach and installation opportunities for its scalable, cloud-based guest WiFi software, which offers customers access to WiFi through social login. The partnership has already delivered a number of successful opportunities, including one hospital and a chain of 14 restaurants.

The Purple WiFi offering focuses on engaging, understanding and delivering value by allowing users to gain free access to a public WiFi network through their existing social media accounts or a short form. The user gets access to family friendly WiFi while the benefit to the business hosting the service (such as a restaurant, hotel, retailer, museum, sports stadium or shopping mall) is valuable analytic insights into the profiles and movements of their customers and a sophisticated built-in marketing platform.

Thousands of venues globally have been secured and deep technology partnerships established, most notably with Cisco, Cisco Meraki and Verizon but also many others.

Softcat is also a Cisco gold partner, delivering products to customers across the mid-market, from retailers and hospitality providers to corporates and manufacturers. It also provides customers with specialist partner-shared support service dubbed ‘SoftCare’, giving them complete 24/7 support.

Sam Routledge, Solutions Director, Softcat comments: “WiFi marketing is a very exciting avenue, with the potential for businesses to gain a far more advanced understanding of customers’ activity and needs. In many respects, data is the modern currency, so it makes sense to capture as much as possible from customers, and to use that data to provide more tailored, targeted services for optimal customer engagement. We look forward to working with the team at Purple WiFi, whom have already demonstrated a high level of support, and believe that this new partnership will enable us to provide our customers with additional insight into their customers’ information and movements.”

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO, Purple WiFi, comments: “Our partnership with Softcat expands Purple WiFi’s reach with a well respected IT infrastructure provider and is already returning signed customers. Both Purple WiFi and Softcat work closely with Cisco and Cisco Meraki, therefore we are already perfectly aligned and have hit the ground running. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Softcat.”

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