Purple WiFi partners with Trend Vision in India

Purple WiFi partners with Trend Vision in India
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Purple WiFi today announced that it is partnering with Trend Vision LLP in India, adding its cloud-based, social WiFi solution, which includes presence analytics and location-based services, to Trend Vision’s portfolio of products.

Trend Vision is Purple WiFi’s first Indian reseller, enabling its expansion into a broad market of key verticals in the India region, including tourism, retail and hospitality.

Trend Vision is part of the Trend Group, delivering the WiFi element of its product line to a range of high profile clients in India. Trend Group has been in the IT industry for 15 years, providing value-added IT solutions for companies in major Indian cities, such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Pune. Using best-of-breed technology from Dell, Sonic Wall, EMC, Sophos, Microsoft and Cisco, among others, Trend empowers businesses with first-class IT solutions and unmatched services. As a result, it has gained respect and credibility in its field.

Recognising the increasing potential of WiFi, Trend Vision partnered with core WiFi technology leader for WiFi hardware products, Ruckus, in December 2014. Since then, having identified through research a gap in the supply of smart, reliable proximity WiFi marketing solutions in India, it has been seeking an ideal partner through which to explore the power of social WiFi.

Trend Vision analysed and tested at least 10 social WiFi providers across several continents. It found Purple’s offer to be the most smart, reliable and varied of all the options explored. It discovered that no other vendor could match Purple’s service – from the offer of a free trial download for customers, to the simplicity of the login journey, display of analytics, depth of technology and competency.

Shripal Jain, co-founder of Trend Group, says, “We were impressed with Purple WiFi’s product line, professionalism, roadmap, capabilities and especially its core competency. We could see its potential to offer excellent products for a range of verticals. We are proud to partner with technology pioneers like Purple WiFi and we anticipate driving this partnership on an exponential growth across the India region in the near future.”

Purple WiFi is looking forward to offering unique benefits to Trend Vision LLP and its clients: Trend Vision can expect higher-than-industry-standard profit margins; while its customers can enjoy a wide variety of tailored WiFi options. One attractive model is tiered bandwidth, which enables customers to create a revenue stream, offsetting the expense of upgrading wireless infrastructure.

From Purple’s perspective, this is a landmark partnership, opening up opportunities in the growing Indian market. There are 354 million Internet users in India, up 17% in first six months of 2015*; 118 million active social media accounts; 946 million mobile connections; and 200 million active mobile Internet users*. Representation in this territory is of huge importance to Purple WiFi.

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple WiFi says, “We are proud of the fact that Trend Vision, a trusted name in the Indian market, has become our first Indian reseller. We look forward to giving its clients access to our pioneering cloud-based social WiFi services. It’s of huge interest to us to increase our sales-reach in India, bringing Purple WiFi to a wealth of vertical markets in the region.”

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