Purple’s ‘Year of the Partner’ – what does it mean?

Purple’s ‘Year of the Partner’ – what does it mean?
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2019 is a critical year for Purple and an essential part of our success will come from our global community of over 2,000 partners. Ranging from global service providers to micro IT integrators in small countries, Purple has built a powerful and growing army of re-sellers to work with.

The ‘Year of the Partner’ aims to empower and harness the potential of our global community to continue to turn the world Purple.

As a channel business, 2019 will see a focus on several critical areas that will help our partners be more successful:

Support and engage to build sales

  • Through the implementation of a new sales management structure and the installation of a global marketing channel manager, Purple’s capacity to support partners in delivering campaigns that create new opportunities is substantially increased.
  • Partner campaigns will have co-branded content to create effective messaging and a better conversion to sale rate.

Make working with Purple easier

  • As Purple has grown, we have seen the creep of complexity that has clouded what a great partner experience should be.
  • In 2019, Purple will simplify how we work with partners to mirror how partners work and not how we want them to work. The easier the experience of working with Purple is, the greater chance we believe that partners will choose to include Purple in every WiFi related proposal.

If you are a partner and you are reading this blog, please keep an eye out on the Partner Portal and for Purple emails to see how we do this throughout 2019.

Prove our value

  • As a SaaS business founded nearly eight years ago, we are constantly validating the effect we have on commercial outcomes for our customers, across a range of vertical markets.
  • Purple will continue to show how we prove our value to our partner’s end user clients, with use cases, customer testimonials and business case examples of how Purple has benefited our Partner’s customers.
  • We must clearly define how partners benefit from including Purple in proposals with our partner ‘pull through’ story. When Purple is included in a WiFi proposal, a partner can typically expect to sell between 10 to 15 times the value of product and services than the cost of Purple is in that proposal.

Listen to our partners

  • As with any business, Purple listens to its customers and through our customer success team we look to ensure that our end users commercial goals are met.
  • In 2019, Purple will listen to our partners needs and create solutions that help them succeed in an incredibly tough marketplace.
  • Partners can contact our partner channel marketing manager with ideas on – marketingteam@purplewifi.com

Spanish content

  • With over 20% of Purple customers originating from Spanish speaking countries and with a large number of partners working across Europe and South America, 2019 will see Purple create original Spanish language content and develop Spanish language versions of existing critical content.

To conclude, Purple will deliver improvements for our partners in how we educate the partner community, whilst setting reasonable expectations of how partners should work with Purple.

When our ‘Year of the Partner’ ambitions are met, we will all benefit and our customers will be much happier.

We look forward to hearing your comments and requests.

If you are interested in partnering with Purple, visit our partner page.

Team Purple.

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