Rise WiFi (a Better Business Together company) announces agreement with Purple WiFi

Social WiFi for business
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Phoenix, AZ – Rise WiFi has signed an agreement with innovative social WiFi provider, Purple WiFi, which will see the addition of cloud-based guest WiFi and location analytics solutions to its portfolio of products.

Rise WiFi, a Phoenix-based company with offices in Arizona and Wisconsin, provides affordable and effective business advertising and data capture solutions to any company or city that offers WiFi. Through Rise’s unique network, businesses can both use the social WiFi system for their own business as well as advertise on the network in other businesses to targeted and specific demographic groups.

Social WiFi marketing is has proven valuable to businesses and venues from cafes to events like the Super Bowl; and can be easily installed anywhere WiFi exists.

Purple WiFi provides businesses with enterprise guest WiFi which meets all legal requirements while delivering rich analytical information about the guests including their age, their gender, how often they visit and how long they stay online at the venue.  The guests log into the secure hotspot system using social media authentication, such as Facebook or Twitter, or a by filling in a very short form if preferred, which in turn generates valuable segmented data for the business and an engagement tool to promote relevant offers at the WiFi users and their wider social community.

Commenting on the agreement, Gavin Wheeldon, CEO at Purple WiFi said:  “Rise WiFi has a large network of resellers which enables Purple WiFi to increase its sales reach.  Rise WiFi and Better Business Together are a well-known brand in the industry and our strategy continues to be focused around working with trusted names to ensure WiFi users can access reliable and free WiFi while the business customers get something back in return.

Stacy Deprey-Purper, CEO of Rise WiFi, stated “Our team is excited to be offering the most reliable social WiFi in the world, with the ability to obtain customer demographics, exponential marketing and unparalleled data for businesses as well as cities and towns. Our partnership with Purple will help our current and future customers grow their business at an affordable rate by using this cutting-edge technology.”

Wheeldon adds: “Purple WiFi has grown in popularity at a phenomenal rate over the past year, as it enables businesses to provide the free WiFi that is demanded by their guests while eliminating the hassle by ensuring legal compliance and easy set up.  It generates ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ for the venue without the need for a big marketing budget and delivers valuable information to help implement a really solid, end-to-end customer communication process.”

Rise WiFi by Purple WiFi fully integrates with a range of existing WiFi equipment, including AirTight Networks, TrendNet, Cisco Meraki and Ruckus Wireless.

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