SIP opportunity for Cisco Partners and Purple WiFi

SIP opportunity for Cisco Partners and Purple WiFi
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Purple WiFi is a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner, Cisco Compatible and has a joint solutions incentive promotion in place, which rewards partners for creating innovative business solutions by offering incremental discounts.

Purple WiFi are also a Cisco CMX (Connected Mobile Experiences) Ecosystem partner and work with the tools available in CMX. WiFi users login via social platforms and venues benefit from more detailed customer reports and demographic information that is not available with CMX alone.

The partnership between Cisco and Purple WiFi allows for enhanced customer social profiling and demographics data; an advanced analytics interface, including heat-mapping and footfall reports; social marketing management tools such as social posts and e-vouchers; and marketing tools such as drag and drop geofencing and location based services.


The Cisco Compatible logo was awarded to Purple WiFi on successful completion of Interoperability verification testing (IVT).

The interoperability testing was conducted in a third party laboratory based on testing criteria given by Cisco. Cisco and Purple WiFi have worked together to simulate typical customer configurations and test them thoroughly. All Purple WiFi’s products and technologies are Cisco Compatible and formal recognition of this can be found on the Cisco Marketplace.

Cisco customers faced with a choice between tested and untested products are likely to prefer a product that has gone through IVT. Cisco customers will be reassured knowing that Purple WiFi has been pre-tested, which reduces integration costs, accelerates deployments and minimises risk of failure.

What is SIP?

Cisco’s Solution Incentive Program rewards partners that invest in the development and sales of innovative new business solutions, multiplying the power and versatility of Cisco technology. Cisco partners who develop, package and promote unique customer solutions incorporating Cisco® technology can accelerate partner success. Purple’s channel approach means the SIP integrated with Purple WiFi’s applications and services may be able to add value.

The Cisco and Purple WiFi partnership

The partnership between Cisco and Purple WiFi enables full identification of customer needs, creates solutions for meeting those needs and develops a business plan for deriving full benefit from these new opportunities. Qualifying partners such as Purple WiFi are rewarded with premium engagement opportunities with the Cisco marketing and sales teams.

The SIP opportunity enables the potential for Purple WiFi to successfully increase revenues in critical markets, increase the business relevance of networks, expand network bandwidth and support the channel partner value model. The Purple WiFi and Cisco solution enables partners to benefit from a greater level of incremental discount through SIP.

**Please note: Cisco’s SIP opportunity is no longer available.**

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