Social becomes Mocial – the latest social media buzzword

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A guest blog by Ben Hayes, Managing Director of BORN SOCIAL.

Mocial is the latest buzzword to come to the fore, recognising the increasing extent to which social media is accessed through mobile devices. Logging into Facebook through your iPhone, using Twitter on your Blackberry… your audience are now spending 30% of their time online visiting social networks on their mobiles, more than on their actual computers.

In 2013 we will see the entire social process grow far more integrated, with mobile and localisation tools second nature. Location-based offers or deals will be commonplace, and businesses will incorporate mobile devices into their branding to make sure social media allows for a further cycle of communication.

Perhaps you wonder down Oxford Street and a food offer at a nearby restaurant pops up. You head in and see a QR code that directs you to the company’s social profile allowing you to engage, or even endorse, their brand. Thanks to mocial, a simple walk has become social.

Mobile behaviour needs to be placed at the forefront of your social plans. Important questions must be addressed: how will my social media content look on an iPhone? How will my Facebook app work on mobiles? Will my links on Twitter format correctly on an android device?

Mobile users engage with brands in a markedly different way to desktop users. Identifying and acknowledging these differences as soon as possible will form the basis for successful social media in 2013.

We, at BORN SOCIAL, are a team of social media specialists, who help brands and businesses – of all shapes and sizes – to leverage the social web effectively. For more information you can look us up at

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