Soft Play Case Study: Snakes & Ladders

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“Since installing Purple WiFi, the feedback from customers has been very positive as they can surf the net, catch up on emails or simply update their social networking pages while their kids play, and the social media element means we can keep everyone updated on what is happening at each of our sites.” Andrew Kirkwood, Snakes and Ladders.

The company

Snakes and Ladders is an indoor adventure playground which currently has four UK sites in Abingdon, Dunstable, Brentford and Ipswich. In addition to huge three-tiered climbing frames, the play areas feature slides, ball ponds, tunnels and rope climbs. The sites also include dedicated play zones for under-fives.

Business objectives

“We needed a WiFi solution for our customers that would be secure but wouldn’t require the added cost of a separate broadband line. We also wanted to be able to build our Facebook and Twitter followers without having to put in a huge time investment, which could distract from the day to day running of the sites.”

Benefits of Purple WiFi

“Purple WiFi provides enterprise guest WiFi, which meets all legal requirements while delivering meaningful analytical information about the customer base, including how often them come to the premises, how long they stay and other stats. This lets us segment our customer base and actively market each of our sites by targeting relevant promotional offers at the WiFi users.

“We also feel assured that by having a private channel in place our commercially sensitive traffic is kept separate to the traffic of those socialising in the premises, using the free WiFi. This gives everyone within the business peace of mind.”


“Over the four sites, Purple WiFi has collected just over 2,000 contact details, Likes or Follows in less than 5 months. Facebook is the most popular way to log in, with nearly 1,000 people liking our page, and regularly posting updates to their timeline.

Our Brentford site has been the most successful, with 752 customers now engaging with our brand because of Purple WiFi.”

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