Strong Renewals Solidify Purple’s Value: Customer Trust Drives Record January Performance

Strong Renewals Solidify Purple's Value
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Customer Trust Soars: Purple Achieves Record Renewals, Underscoring Commitment to Value

Purple, a global leader in indoor location services, capped off a phenomenal January with a surge in customer renewals, highlighting their unwavering commitment to customer-centricity and innovative solutions. This impressive achievement underscores the value proposition Purple delivers, empowering businesses across diverse industries to optimize their indoor spaces and enhance customer experiences.

Renewing Trust, Expanding Partnerships:

January saw a wave of renewed partnerships with industry leaders, further solidifying Purple’s position as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to leverage the power of indoor location technology. Among the notable renewals were:

  • A global leader in visitor attractions: Managing over 140 diverse locations, this industry giant continues to rely on Purple’s solutions to ensure smooth operations and deliver unforgettable experiences for millions of visitors annually.
  • A major UK hospitality provider: With a vast network of 1,200 venues, this trusted name in hospitality renews its commitment to Purple’s technology, ensuring seamless and personalized services for their guests.
  • A leading motorsport organization: Spanning 12 prominent motor circuits, this organization renews its partnership with Purple, valuing the technology’s ability to enhance fan engagement and operational efficiency at thrilling racing events.
  • One of the largest shopping malls in the USA: This retail giant renews its trust in Purple to optimize customer journeys, provide valuable insights into shopper behavior, and drive increased sales within its sprawling mall environment.
  • A prominent shopping center operator in Latin America: Expanding their successful collaboration, this operator renewed its partnership with Purple to empower their wide range of shopping centers across the region with cutting-edge indoor location solutions.
  • Several major healthcare systems in the USA: Recognizing the value of improved patient flow optimization, these leading healthcare providers renew their commitments to Purple, utilizing the technology to enhance patient care and operational efficiency.
  • A large NHS trust in the UK: Committed to providing exceptional patient care, this NHS trust renews its partnership with Purple, leveraging the technology to deliver seamless experiences for patients
  • A major UK rail operator connecting some of the UK’s biggest cities: Recognizing the potential of guest WiFi to improve passenger experience and operational efficiency, this leading rail operator renewed its partnership with Purple, utilizing the technology to provide personalized services within their stations and onboard trains.

These renewals represent a powerful testament to Purple’s customer-centric approach. By fostering collaborative partnerships, consistently delivering value, and prioritizing exceptional service, Purple has earned the trust and confidence of leading organizations across diverse industries.

Purple CEO Underscores Commitment to Customer Success:

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, expressed his elation at the record-breaking renewals, stating, “This achievement exemplifies our unwavering commitment to building long-term partnerships with our clients. At Purple, we prioritize understanding their unique needs and delivering solutions that empower them to achieve their business goals and create remarkable experiences for their customers. These renewals are a true validation of our efforts and serve as a powerful motivator for us to continue exceeding expectations and pushing the boundaries of indoor location technology.'”

Commitment to customer success

Purple’s commitment to customer success extends beyond contract renewals. The company consistently invests in ongoing innovation, expanding its solution suite, and providing world-class support to ensure every client maximizes the value of their indoor location technology investment. Recent product launches solidify this dedication, including: 

Digital wayfinding for airports, stadiums, and arenas: Providing intuitive navigation and enhancing visitor experiences in complex environments.

SecurePass app integration: Simplifying and securing WiFi access with seamless integration into existing mobile applications.

With a relentless focus on customer-centricity and relentless innovation, Purple is poised for continued growth and leadership in the indoor location services market.

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