Telesystem announces strategic partnership with Purple

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Telesystem, an industry leader in designing customized solutions with white-glove support for multi-location businesses, announced today their strategic partnership with Purple.

The new partnership will add Purple’s suite of products into Telesystem’s growing managed solutions portfolio, with a focus on creating Intelligent Space through helping venues optimize safety, enhancing the customer experience, and driving revenue.

“Information is an integral part of the way today’s digital society exists,” said Karlene Langford, Manager of Product Development at Telesystem. “The phrase ‘Knowledge is Power’ is truer today than ever so we are committed to helping our customers access the information provided by WiFi Analytics; Information that can really make a difference in how they do business and engage with their customers.”

The inclusion of Purple into Telesystem’s portfolio offers a number of benefits across 3 key technologies:

  • WiFi Analytics: Improving the experience, building detailed visitor profiles and driving revenue through engagement, increased return rates, and advertising opportunities
  • Sensors: Optimizing venue safety, reassuring visitors, increasing operational efficiency, and understanding exactly how aNo space is being used
  • Wayfinding: Improving venue safety, accessibility, and the overall visitor experience with blue dot navigation, digital maps, route planning, and location-based messaging

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Telesystem,” said Gavin Wheeldon, CEO at Purple. “We have complementary solutions to their existing managed services as well as success and expertise in many of the same industries.”

The Purple portfolio is available immediately for new and existing Telesystem customers, having already been chosen by Ector County to provide enterprise-class connectivity to its visitors as well as enabling the venue to deliver personalized marketing communications across their Meraki infrastructure.

Home of the NAHL Odessa Jackalopes hockey team and Permian Basin International Oil Show, Ector County Coliseum boasts a 42 acre complex located in Odessa, Texas between Dallas and El Paso including an 8,000 seat Coliseum and approximately 145,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space. The venue hosts a wide variety of events which include: concerts, conventions, rodeos, trade shows, festivals, ice shows, motorsports, and Broadway shows.

Ector County was keen to provide a world-class customer experience by providing their visitors with a consistent, secure, and user-friendly guest WiFi through a captive portal, as well as using the data captured during the authentication process to drive personalized marketing campaigns to make visitors aware of what is available both in and out of the venue.

Who is Telesystem

For over 25 years, Telesystem has been empowering businesses across the country with a range of innovative network, communication, and collaboration solutions designed to address the business-specific needs of each customer, such as SD-WAN, Managed WiFi, Hosted VoIP, Managed Security, Dedicated Internet, and Unified Communications. Guided by strategic partnerships and a customer-centric mission, these customized solutions are backed with white-glove implementation and 24/7 US-based support.

Telesystem currently delivers enterprise collaboration solutions and networking services to businesses in 45 states, DC, and four foreign countries. Our customers include hospitals, universities, local public and private school districts, banks, multi-location retail establishments, and regional government offices, to name a few.

Who is Purple

Purple’s goal is to ensure that physical spaces survive and thrive for current and future generations, by helping them to stay relevant and ensuring visitors enjoy going to them. Purple helps venues optimize safety, enhance the customer experience, and drive revenue. This is achieved through connecting multiple data sources – much of which is already in place – such as WiFi, sensors, BLE beacons, PoS, and CCTV, to our cloud-based platform. From here, businesses get a holistic view of exactly what is happening in their space, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive meaningful action via a number of built-in intelligent space solutions.

Purple is used in more than 65,000 venues across 120 countries where we serve more than a million end users every day. Through Purple, businesses have been able to understand who their customers are, how they behave when they’re onsite, and through this insight, they have been able to deliver safer, more pleasurable experiences to their customers while reaping the rewards.

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