The advantages of social log in

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Most of us have come across websites, or in the case of Purple WiFi, Wireless internet, which gives us the option to log in through a social media account. ‘Social log in’, as it’s known, has advantages for the business, as well as the customer logging in.

For the business it provides a wealth of information about the customer, pulled directly from those social media accounts. The business can understand their customer’s preferences quickly, and make sure they only receive information they’re interested in. It also ensures that the customer information collected is correct, having been pulled directly from an active social media account, avoiding the MickeyMouse@Disneyland email addresses which can infiltrate form log ins.

For the customer, it’s an end to long and tedious form filling, and remembering a mountain of usernames and passwords.  It also means that any marketing they receive can be tailored towards their particular demographic and personal interests, and allows customers to easily keep in touch with the brands, and discounts from the brands, that they love.

Purple WiFi offers three social log in options, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We’ve found that Facebook is by far the most popular option for logging in, accounting for 84% of our social log on’s. Second is Twitter with 15%, followed by LinkedIn with a small 1%. Of course, this average differs considerably depending on the environment providing the WiFi. People tend to use Facebook for keeping in touch with friends and family, Twitter for sharing opinions and interests and LinkedIn for maintaining their professional online identity. This is reflected in the channel they use within different environment, so exhibitions and events see a far greater log on rate for LinkedIn, for example.

The fact that Facebook is the main channel used for social log on is great news for Purple WiFi customers and end users alike, as the value of the data and social engagement which can be achieved through Facebook is particularly strong. For Purple WiFi customers for example, our Purple Portal shows demographic information like age, location and gender. Vouchers and marketing communications can then be tailored towards particular demographics, making sure customers never miss promotions from the places they like to spend time in.

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