Top 30 healthcare blogs to stay up to date in 2021

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With the healthcare industry moving faster than we’ve ever known it can be difficult to keep up to date and have the most relevant information. Below we have created a list of blogs to keep you informed about healthcare news, technology advancements, policies and administrations, and much more!

The blogs have been selected based on authority in the healthcare industry as well as the frequency of posts and individual perspectives. At the end, you’ll find Purple’s blog ‘Patient experience: The future of healthcare’ be sure to have a read!

MedCity News

On the MedCity News blog, you’ll find out what’s next in medical technology, pharmaceuticals, digital applications, and more! MedCity News posts and an average of 30 blogs per week, great for a daily read.

Healthcare IT News

As a largely authoritative source in the industry Healthcare IT News posts on average once a week and covers topics such as healthcare policy, people, and the technology driving the big changes in U.S. healthcare.

The Atlantic

The Atlantic magazine healthcare blog is one that readers can easily become curious to keep reading. Exploring medical research and practices that are out of the ordinary and groundbreaking, The Atlantic posts on average 3 times a week providing frequent readers plenty of content.

Founded in 2004 is one of the leading spaces for practitioners, nurses, medical students, and more to share stories about their healthcare experiences and how they were affected. The author of this recognized blog is Dr. Kevin Pho who is also a frequent post contributor for Forbes. With so many frequent stories and industry insights, Kevin posts on average 4 articles per day.

Modern Healthcare

Declared as a ‘must-read publication’ by healthcare workers, Modern Healthcare posts on average 30 articles a week to ensure many topics are covered and that industry-leading individuals are provided with important insights in order to make informed decisions to drive their practice/clinic/hospital to success!

Scrubbing In

Stories of healthcare individuals that are on the front lines every single day such as doctors, nurses, and on-hand medical staff who put their lives on the line daily to save others. Scrubbing in posts on average 3 articles per week so check out this “hands-on blog”.


To stay on top of healthcare news, the latest research on HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), cloud infrastructure and security within healthcare, as well as HIE (Electronic health information exchange) make sure to catch HealthIT Security every weekday with an average 5 posts per week!

GP Online

The UK-based blog GP Online is a popular resource for general practices but also one of the more popular methods for staying up to date with exclusive insights to clinical and GP news. By shining a light on healthcares’ key issues GP Online uses in-depth insights to support and educational material. GP Online posts very frequently with on average 12 new blogs a week.

Health Tech Magazine

Have you ever wondered what issues an IT Leader within the healthcare industry faces? Well, look no further than Health Tech Magazine as they cover technical and internal issues which are relevant to IT leaders in this space, as well as providing evaluations on implemented solutions to provide readers with new insights as to not make the same mistakes or to try and replicate success. Health Tech Magazine posts on average 5 times a week, so you can always get your daily dose of healthcare tech insights here.

Robert Pearl, MD

Recognized Forbes contributor, former CEO of The Permanente Medical Group, and best-selling author Dr. Robert Pearl posts on average once a week with insightful content, unlike any other source. Take a look at Robert Pearl, MD for a unique perspective and unseen issues within the American healthcare system.

Healthcare Trend

This active blog with an average of 20 posts per week helps readers keep up to date with the latest trends within the healthcare industry and as well as developments in healthcare research.

Healthcare Success

Despite not posting very often Healthcare Success is a great place to get up to speed with interviews, notable medical websites, patient experience, pharmaceutical marketing, and much more! You can expect on average 2 articles per quarter from Healthcare Success.

Munson Healthcare

Munson Healthcare is a blog dedicated to bringing its readers healthcare insights, developing topics in Northern Michigan, as well as fitness tips and poor health prevention. Posting on average 6 articles per week, Munson Healthcare is a system of hospitals and health care organizations working collaboratively to serve northern Michigan.

HIStalk | Healthcare IT News and Opinion

Healthcare IT News and Opinion (HIStalk) is a healthcare blog that has been dedicated to bringing readers with interviews with healthcare officials, guest articles about news and rumors within the industry since 2003. HIStalk works closely with an advisory panel to deliver the most accurate information possible and very frequently with 9 articles released on average per week.


More than just a healthcare blog iCliniq is a virtual method of getting second opinions and doctor consultation. Posting on average 2 times per week, readers can also have their health issues resolved from within their home.

Healthcare design magazine

Healthcare Design Magazine lets readers dive into the thought and design that goes into healthcare architecture and interior designs. With an average of 14 posts per week, you’ll have tons of content including facilities like hospitals, medical labs, clinics, and much much more!

Fierce Healthcare

Standing by its name, Fierce Healthcare is an incredibly active blog bringing readers the latest information on healthcare policy, breaking healthcare news with deep insights, and exclusive interviews with some very important people within the healthcare space. With more content than you’ll know what to do with, Fierce Healthcare posts on average 30 articles per week!

AGFA Healthcare Blog

If you’re a sucker for technological innovations like we are, AGFA Healthcare Blog is the place for you to keep up to date. With an average post rate of 1 per week, you can quickly catch up with augmented intelligence, data management, and business analytics. Additionally, as a leader in the healthcare industry for diagnostic imaging and other Healthcare solutions, you should definitely check out AGFA.

Verdict Hospital (Hospital Management)

Posting on average 24 articles a week Verdict Hospital is providing healthcare professionals and decision-makers within hospital management great resources and insights into the healthcare and patient care industries.

Botanic Hearth

If you’re after a healthier lifestyle using the natural resources earth provides, then look no further than Botanic Health! Run by a privately owned company Botanic Health aims to provide readers and customers with premium skincare products and botanic oils to encourage “holistic living”. You can catch a new article on Botanic Health once a week.

HCLDR | Healthcare Leadership Blog

Posting an average of 2 blogs per day HCLDR works by gathering information, stories, and other resources through their large community of patients and physicians, CEOs and IT leaders, as well as caregivers, policymakers, and students. The HCLDR community exists in a range of countries such as Canada, the USA, the Philippines, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, and South Africa. As one of the most collaborative and knowledge-sharing blogs we recommend you check our HLCDR.

Cisco Healthcare

We all know Cisco as one of the largest leaders in technology innovation, however, their healthcare blog is not one to be missed. Covering a range of healthcare news and articles you can easily stay up to date with on average 1 article published per week.

Healthcare Economist

Run by founder Dr. Jason Shafrin the Healthcare Economist focuses on the issues relating to healthcare policy and economics, Medicare policy research as well as providing readers with facts and actionable insights into the health insurance market. Jason posts on average 4 blogs a week.

Beckers Hospital Review

Geared more toward healthcare and hospital leaders, Beckers Hospital Review aims to provide valuable content such as best practices and legal guidance which target readers can apply to their own roles. Additionally among the 30 blogs released per day, readers can find the latest in hospital and healthcare news.


An incredibly popular resource for healthcare news WebMD has aimed to provide the most credible insights for readers since 1996. Now the organization has grown exponentially WebMD also provides supportive communities for those within the healthcare industry, incredible resources for subjects that matter most to readers. You can find on average 30 new articles on WebMD each week.

Health Care News

Creators of Healthcare Heros of Western Massachusetts, Health Care News provides readers with healthcare trends and informative insights, as well as local medical news to keep readers well informed. Health Care News publishes on average 3 articles per day.

HIT Consultant | Healthcare Technology

Award-winning publishers, HIT Consultant Media is focussed on delivering the latest in healthcare innovation and insightful content on its positives. You can stay well up to date on healthcare innovation with an average of 26 new posts per week.

The Health Care Blog

Acclaimed “leading insider voice in the field” by The Wall St Journal, and “the authority” by The New York Times, The Health Care Blog aims to deliver healthcare news with a variety of media types such as articles, news feeds, and video. Posting on average 8 articles a week some categories covered by The Health Care Blog are: Artificial Intelligence, Data, Economics, Physicians, Politics, and more!

Healthcare Drive

Looking for a healthcare resource for industry trends, jobs, and usable resources designed for health industry professionals? Take a look at Healthcare Drive. This 18 article a week blog covers a range of useful and good to know topics such as healthcare IT, hospital administration, health law, and policy & regulation.

KFF | The Kaiser Family Foundation

Formally known as the KFF blog, the Kaiser Family Foundation website aims to deliver detailed insights about key health policies and issues including Medicaid, Medicare, health reform, global health, and a lot more! The KFF publishes on average 30 blogs a month to keep readers well informed in the ever-changing industry.

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