Walmart Canada elevate the in-store customer experience with Purple WiFi

Walmart Canada elevate the in-store customer experience with Purple WiFi
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Purple is excited to work with Walmart Canada to help deliver a fast, free and secure guest WiFi network to Walmart Canada’s customers across more than 400 stores.  

Through Purple’s network, Walmart Canada can provide its customers with privacy guarantees, whilst allowing access to a high-speed connection during their shopping visits to Walmart stores.

Andre Costa, Walmart’s Group Product Manager, said: “Purple improves the customers’ experience, removing the need to have to accept the splash page terms and conditions every time they access any of our stores guest WiFi. With Purple, customers only need to accept the terms and conditions once a year, and this is valid for all our stores across the country.”

In August 2018, the Purple solution was successfully installed over 18,900 Cisco access points. Since the country-wide rollout began, more than 4 million unique shoppers have connected to the WiFi provided at Walmart Canada stores. Customers can connect instantly from their devices using OneClick, a simple one click solution that grants immediate access to the guest network, without entering any personal details.

“The customer experience has always been a key focal point for Walmart Canada,” says Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple. “By working together to install a new guest WiFi network, we’ve helped Walmart Canada to elevate its in-store customer experience.”   

Purple’s built-in language functionality also means that in French speaking regions of the country, French login and splash screens are automatically displayed. In all other regions, the language of the user’s device is detected and translated to match; optimizing the user experience.

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