A week in the life of Krista Geiger, Enterprise Sales Manager

A week in the life of Krista Geiger
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Krista shares with us what she gets up to in a typical week at Purple. Over to Krista


It’s Monday morning in Cincinnati and the start of another Purple week. So that’s the coffee pot on click! and the Mac switched on click!

Email’s sorted and i’ve just reviewed a great new case study. That reminds me, the kids are at home today with Grandma so i’d better leave out a football helmet for her just in case she needs it!

Got a demo at noon for a large multi-site restaurant chain… exciting, so it’s time for a quick Purple team catch up and some preparation… oh and more coffee!

The demo went well and so it’s straight into another for a university athletic department and then another. I think i’ve got a sports theme going today!

Finally it’s the end of the day and back home to relieve Grandma!


Click! click! and i’ve already scheduled a demo with one of our vendor rep’s at Ruckus and created a custom deck for a demo at noon. Watch out super girl!

Chatted with Nicky Mills, Purple’s support operations manager over in the UK about a live Proof of Concept (PoC) with one of our customers and even managed to get outside with the dog before my afternoon of back to back meetings.

Just had the demo with the prospect customer and the team over at Cisco Meraki and now it’s time to swap hats and provide customer training for a Purple partner.

Finally it’s a little down time, for business admin in the form of Salesforce inputting and a nice coffee, Click!. Oh! and today’s theme was time efficiency!


A 7am rise thanks to my 27 month old who didn’t fancy letting mom have her beauty sleep – So I urgently need a caffeine fix!

Checked my emails, as I plan how I will take over the world with Purple!!! Result, I’ve got a couple of prospect meetings for today and tomorrow confirmed.

Attended a compliance call between Purple’s legal team and one of my prospect’s legal team to discuss privacy policies, and then briefed the reseller on the outcomes. Oh and they also have more prospects they’d like me to meet. :0).

Worked on trade show leads from last week and followed up with incoming leads, not a bad Purple effort I would say! Finally, headed home to get back to my beauty sleep.! …todays theme… new businezzzzzzzzzzz!


It’s 8AM and i’m up already, prepping for a call at noon to discuss service level agreements (SLA) and terms and conditions with a prospective customer. So i’ve got my legal hat on today!

Then it’s straight on with my technical hat as I host a WebEx to answer platform and technical questions for a prospect in the finance sector. Phew!!

It’s now about 1PM and time to develop a Go-To-Market (GTM) plan for my territory and an up-and-coming team meeting, while I also answer the Purple hotline from a reseller with a demo for 2-3 weeks out. Result!

Finally, it’s time for my 1 to 1 with boss man Mike Greig, the living legend himself and then emails and research on a few key prospects. Oh, and todays theme … Alice in wonderland …..and i’m the Mad Hatter!!


Well hooray for Fridays and hooray for early bird calls, as I jump straight onto a PoC call with a prospect from a large barista outlet! Hmmmm…coffee, coffee, coffee… (If I say it loud enough, will it magically appear?)

I already know today’s theme and it’s definitely “precision program management” as morning crosses over into afternoon and I continue to update our PoC timescales, prospect requests and new customer wins.

It’s been a busy week here in Cincinnati and it’s almost time for the weekend. So, all that’s left to say is; hmmm…wine, wine, wine!!!

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