Who would work in a place like this?

Rush hour traffic – who would want to work in a place like this – we’re hiring
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Let me set the scene. It’s a cold, wet, Tuesday night and I’m in Manchester. Well, not exactly. I’m driving back to Salford (home) from Hollinwood (work) so technically not ‘in’ Manchester but close enough?

I’ve worked a little late due to the time difference with our Austin office, so I thought I best call the missus (hands-free, don’t panic!) to let her know I’m en route and if I’m lucky she’ll start tea.

The call went a little something like this;

Me: “Sorry I’ve left late, but Google said M60 looks fine. 20 minutes at the most.”

K*: “Good for you, I’ve been stuck at the exit for the car park for 20 minutes!” She may also have sworn several times.

Me: “OK, no worries, I’ll start tea when I get in.”

So, I continue my drive home singing along to Blossoms quite happy with life and 22 minutes later (Google was wrong for once?!) I get in, stick the water on for the pasta and give K a call for a progress report.

K works in city centre Manchester by the way.

K: “I’m on Deansgate. Blackfriars was rammed so I went towards Quay street, couldn’t turn right so did a 180 and trying Blackfriars again.”

At this point, I just used the now boiled water for a brew and turned the Xbox on.

Three games of FIFA later, in walks K.

K: “Have you not started tea yet!?” Followed by more profanity… this time aimed at me as I’m now the target for her misdirected anger.

Moral of the story, don’t be caught on FIFA when your partner is in a grump. And, don’t rule out job opportunities just because the office doesn’t have a city centre postcode. Your commute isn’t likely going to be any better unless you live in one of those swanky city centre flats.

This isn’t an isolated incident, at least once a week, K would have a journey like this. If United are at home (City never an issue for some reason) or if anybody’s playing at the arena; forget about it, stay late at the office or have a picnic ready in your car.

K now works in Heywood, a 25-minute drive away even in rush hour. K thankfully still lives with me as I made her a lovely tea that night.

As it happens – we are currently recruiting, and not just in Manchester (ermm, Hollinwood), but at our offices around the world. Check out the careers section on our website for more details.

* K’s identity has been hidden because if her mum knew she swore she’d be eating soap.

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