Wifi hotspot users protected as Purple WiFi joins forces with IWF

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Purple WiFi has become a member of Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) in order that users accessing one of its Purple Wifi hotspots are prevented from stumbling across known images and videos of child sexual abuse.

Purple WiFi allows companies to capitalise on the benefits of social networking, while offering their customers a fast, free and secure WiFi service. Designed to primarily provide businesses with the secure WiFi service that is demanded by today’s consumers, Purple WiFi ensures that anyone using the internet service within a social space such as a bar, cafe, restaurant or hotel, will be required to simply ‘like’ the relevant Facebook page or ‘tweet’ about their location.

Commenting on the decision for Purple WiFi to become a member of the IWF, Gavin Wheeldon, CEO, said: “Everyone expects WiFi wherever they go and the business sharing the internet needs to know that they are providing a quick connection for customers, whilst limiting the risk of users unintentionally accessing websites that contain abusive content. Rather than providing a completely open signal, with no login or validation requirements and no way of capturing consumer usage information, Purple WiFi end users are authenticated via their social networking account and a login form. It was very important for Purple WiFi to become a member of the IWF to clearly demonstrate our commitment to protecting customers from the types of content that the IWF is working so hard to remove from the internet”.

Susie Hargreaves, IWF Chief Executive, said: “As a recent poll shows, the British public are most concerned about child sexual abuse websites, so it is fantastic to see Purple WiFi enhancing their hotspot users’ protection from this content.
“I warmly welcome Purple WiFi to IWF membership and am looking forward to a very productive relationship with their team.”

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