WiFi – the future for restaurants

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We all expect to find free WiFi access when we visit a restaurant, café or bar – but in the future, we’ll be doing more than surfing or checking emails when we get online at our favourite eatery.

For restaurateurs, you want to make sure that the cost of supplying free wifi to your guests is actually helping to add profit to your bottom line, as well as improving your customer’s experience.

Of course, Purple WiFi already achieves this, by giving you social exposure & customer analytics. But depending on the type of food and atmosphere you’re serving up, there are a variety of other ways that WiFi can go even further to add value to your business.

Touch screen ordering

Although touch screen ordering isn’t currently widely available in the UK, it will be in the near future. Software system providers can create tailored interactive menu ordering systems which allows customers to place orders for food & drink, request the bill, and even order a cab home.


Many fine dining and higher end restaurants in the UK are already using iPads as a replacement for traditional paper wine menus. Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants were some of the first to set this trend, which has also been adopted by Australasia in Manchester, as well as The Rib Room in Knightsbridge.

Interactive tables

The prize for the most high tech restaurant in the UK goes to Inamo in London. A projector and touch pad combination creates a menu on the diners table. The ordering system works via Bluetooth, which sends the order directly from the customers table to the kitchen.

The future

A recent study by Technomic found that 51% of consumers expect to use technology more often during the ordering process at restaurants over the next year. If you own or run a restaurant in the UK, now’s the time to look into the benefits which WiFi can bring to your business. To discuss how Purple WiFi can help, please get in touch.

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