How we implement: Our Asset Tracking solution

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How do you get started with asset tracking?

Create maps of your venue

Create high quality CAD maps of your facility

Outline your points of interest

Identify wards, offices, elevators, entrances and exits

Identify your routes

Create possible routes, including accessible routes for those that need them

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Identify geozones

Map out geozones for notifications when tracking assets between spaces

Identify your assets and tag types

Identify your assets and the appropriate tag types

On-site deployment

On-site beacon set up, asset tagging and solution testing

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We'll help you create customized, branded maps with your POIs

Create maps created using your brand guidelines
All maps include POIs and rooms highlighted for your staff
POIs can be wards, offices, shops, restaurants, bathrooms and more
Include entrances, exits and elevators for a seamless transition between buildings and floors
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Mark out geozones for real-time tracking notifications

Create geozones like rooms or corridors to be notified of asset movement
Designate which assets are key to these geozones
Choose who will be notified and when
Easily amend notification or geozone settings
how we implement: asset tracking

Identify your assets and tag them

Pinpoint the assets you’d like to track and the tags for them
Track a variety of items across your facility like drug trolleys, electricals or equipment
We’ll come on-site to set up the beacons that receive a signal from your assets
BLE beacons for an effective, scalable and lower cost solution
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