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Asset Tracking

Track assets, equipment and people

wheelchair assets

Track large equipment and monitor movement around your facility

Track the movement of large pieces of equipment around your facility to ensure the right apparatuses are in the right places at the right time for maximum efficiency, for example, monitoring wheelchairs in a hospital that need to be situated near entrances and exits for patients.

asset notification

Prevent the misplacement of high value items such as electronics

Track devices such as iPhones, and high value items as they move around your venue. With geofencing, you can set up zones for real time notifications should specific assets enter or leave an area.  


Track people to ensure health and safety

Track staff to ensure health and safety processes are being adhered to such as lone working or track patients within a healthcare facility to ensure their safety should they leave their designated area of treatment, using specific asset tags and Purple’s geofencing notification software.

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asset tracking

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Asset Tracking

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