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Guest WiFI

How do Purple ensure the data you collect is compliant?

Integrate with your CRM system

Create a “single source of truth” in your database

Customize the information on your splash page

Add your terms and conditions, privacy policy or marketing opt-in (or out) checkboxes

connectors & integrations

Use the data

Use your collected data to communicate with opt-ed in visitors

Store data securely

Hold data within the highly secure, login access only, platform

captive portal

Collect data compliantly, wherever your visitors are based

Some data privacy laws require users to agree to conditions or opt-in options for users. Whether you need specific terms and conditions links, opt-in or out boxes, or custom data fields, Purple's captive portal allows you complete flexibility to comply with any data protection law in the world.

Completely customizable splash pages
Create opt-in or opt-out options for your visitors
Upload custom terms or data fields on your splash pages
Comply with any data protection law globally
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Store your data in our highly secure platform until you’re ready to use it

Once you’ve gathered your data, it’s crucial that it’s secure until you need it. You can control exactly who sees your data on the highly secure Purple platform with specific user logins. Our platform has a 99.99% uptime, so we won’t let you down.

Accredited certification to ISO 27001 and 9001
A highly secure platform
User access restrictions help you control exactly who sees visitor data on the platform
99.99% uptime
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Create a "single source of truth" for your CRM data

Guaranteeing data accuracy is crucial to staying compliant with most data privacy laws. Integrate with your CRM software to create a "single source of truth" for your data, ensuring that your customer information stays accurate and up to date.

400+ integrations available to use including Salesforce
Synchronize your visitor information to ensure it's up to date
Create a "single source of truth"
Increases database accuracy by 83% on average

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Blog: How Purple can help you comply

The world’s strictest data protection laws and how the Purple Platform can enable you to comply

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Data Protection Essentials for Guest WiFi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data privacy ensures that data is handled in a way that respects individuals’ rights, maintains confidentiality, and prevents unauthorized access or misuse.

Data privacy holds significant importance for individuals and organizations due to several key reasons: Protection of sensitive information, Digital security, Trust and transparency, as well as compliance with regulations such as CCPA and GDPR.

Data compliance refers to the adherence to laws, regulations, and industry standards related to the collection, use, storage, and protection of personal data.

Data collection enables informed decision-making, improves services, marketing personalization, allows performance optimization, and drives research/innovation. It helps businesses gain a competitive edge and enhance customer experiences.

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