Verify visitor email addresses as they log in

Make sure incorrect or disposable email addresses don't reach your database

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Guest WiFi

How does Purple Verify work?

Log in attempt

The user attempts to log into your venue WiFi

Incorrect details

The user types an incorrect or mistyped email address


Verify check & prompt

Purple Verify checks the email and prompts the user to type the correct email in

User online

The user inputs the correct email and continues their online access journey


Stop gathering incorrect contact information

Check emails are real at the point of log in in real time
Stop users from entering fake or disposable email addresses
Keep invalid emails out of your database
Makes sure your customer contact information is accurate and useable
grow and use your crm database

Prevent typos from entering your database

Check emails aren’t mistyped as users log in
Keep your database efficient and usable
Make sure your visitor information is accurate
Stop mistyped emails entering your database
zoo increase in revenue

Communicate with real people, using real email addresses

Send emails to real email addresses
Increase your email and message deliverability
Reduce your email marketing bounce rate
Reach your customers in the right way, at the right time

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Frequently Asked Questions

A disposable email address is a temporary email account used for short-term purposes, like signing up for websites or services. Verify prevents false data from being collected keeping your database clean.

Disposable email addresses are generated by online services, creating unique email accounts with limited lifespans.

1st party data is information collected directly from your own audience or customers through interactions on your website, mobile app, or other owned channels. It is considered valuable and reliable.

3rd party data is information collected from external sources and not directly from your audience. It is often used by marketers to enhance audience understanding and target specific segments in advertising and marketing campaigns.

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