Indoor Maps

State of the art digital maps help bring your venue to life.

Purples' indoor maps make navigating even the most complex of venues simple.

Remove the hassle of navigating around large and complex buildings by using our Indoor Map solution whereby we create you beautifully designed, detailed digital layouts of your venue(s).

All the maps we create are available as a web service that can be accessed from any laptop, phone or tablet device. Add important points of interest such as toilets, meeting rooms and elevators, removing any confusion and possible frustration guests may have, greatly improving visitors' overall experience.

Our maps integrate seamlessly with external mapping software such as Google Maps and Uber, making the transition from outdoor to indoor as smooth as possible, users are even given the opportunity to email directions to guests prior to events such as meetings and appointments.

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Benefits of Indoor Maps

Create points of interest for guest to engage with.

Create an iconic guest experience by removing the stress of navigating even the most tricky multi-layered venues

Ready-to-use SDKs provide seamless integration into an existing apps such as Google Maps

Recognizable user friendly interface, enabling a straightforward and intuitive navigation experience

Send pre-configured directions to venue attendees, ensuring important time slots aren't missed.

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