Navigate the indoors, just like the outdoors

Exceed your customer's expectations with blue dot navigation, digital maps, route planning and location-based messaging.

Our wayfinding solution allows visitors to navigate complex venues quickly, creating the optimum in-venue experience. Whether that’s through our mobile app, digital display kiosks, or web-based solution, visitors can find their way from A-B hassle-free.

We use BLE beacons, WiFi, phone sensors and geomagnetic positioning to accurately track a visitors location indoors via a ‘blue dot’. By utilizing the built-in magnetometer and other smartphone sensors, we can use the magnetic field inside building’s to pinpoint and track visitors within 3 - 5 feet. This means we can deliver turn-by-turn directions to visitors in your venue.

Guide users through your campus and interior buildings with turn-by-turn directions, with highlighted path segments layered over indoor maps.

Location-based alerts allow you to inform visitors about events, daily activities, special offers and promotions based on their location in your venue.

Organize and manage your data so visitors can find relevant information about their destination and explore new points of interest within your space.

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