Interactive wayfinding kiosks to help visitor navigation

Reduce staff interruptions and create a great visitor experience

kiosk wayfinding

How our wayfinding kiosks work

Greet your visitors

Visitors will be greeted in the entrance area with kiosk screens to assist them straight away

Route planner

They'll then enter their destination and be shown the most efficient route for their needs

kiosk wayfinding

Print route option

Visitors can print off the turn-by-turn route if needed

Arrival at destination

Visitors get to their destination on-time and stress-free

kiosk wayfinding

Increase staff productivity with fewer disruptions

Visitors getting lost means more staff are interrupted as they ask for help to find their way around. Fewer distractions mean your staff are more productive, organized, and focused on their work.

10 minutes is the average length of staff disruption by visitors asking for directions
Ensure your staff have fewer distractions
Clear signage reduces visitor disruptions and helps staff stay focused
Reduce staff time spent giving directions
kiosk wayfinding

Create a great experience for visitors

Give your visitors the information they need while they're in their venue to enhance their experience. Interactive kiosk maps can display information about a point of interest when clicked or tapped on, such as opening times or stock levels, so your users can engage with your venue.

93% of people are likely to make repeat visits with companies who offer excellent customer service
Display information about a point of interest for your visitors to enhance their experience
Access details like opening times and stock levels with a simple click or tap on the interactive map
Keep users informed and engaged while in your venue
kiosk wayfinding

Maximize communications and advertising space

Get messages to your visitors quickly and easily around your venue. When your kiosks are not in active use for wayfinding, they can be used for advertising and marketing communications to your visitors.

Generate revenue from advertising sales
Advertise offers and promotions when the kiosk isn't in use
Seamlessly deliver messages to visitors via strategically placed kiosks in high-traffic areas
Rapid and efficient communication with visitors throughout your venue

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Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a wayfinding map involves gathering accurate information, choosing suitable map-making tools, designing the map with wayfinding elements, and publishing it for use on websites, apps, or digital signage.

An interactive wayfinding map is a digital navigation tool that provides dynamic, personalized directions in response to user interactions. This user-centric feature enhances the efficiency of navigation and improves the overall user experience.

Wayfinding signage is a system of physical signs strategically placed within environments to guide people through complex spaces and improve their overall experience.

An interactive wayfinding kiosk is a user-friendly digital system that offers personalized navigation assistance through interactive maps, commonly placed in high-traffic areas for intuitive and efficient wayfinding.

A wayfinding kiosk is an interactive digital device that offers navigational assistance and information about points of interest within a specific area, ideal for improving wayfinding in large and complex environments.