Turn-by-turn blue-dot digital wayfinding for staff

Easier navigation, quicker onboarding, and improved productivity for your staff

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How does staff wayfinding work?

Create staff only maps

Create routes so staff can navigate to non-public use areas

Onboard new staff

Get new staff oriented in your venue quickly

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Improve employee satisfaction

Help staff navigate even if your building changes

Increase staff efficiency

Get staff where they need to be, quickly

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Staff navigation to areas not seen by the public

Staff sign onto the Staff Efficiency map using employee credentials and single sign on. This secure layer allows employees to view and navigate to areas that aren’t usable or visible to public visitors.

Sign in using SSO or employee credentials
Create user access layers for specific user profiles
Help your staff navigate around efficiently
Get your staff where they need to be, quickly
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Quicker onboarding for new or temporary staff

New employees getting lost reduces productivity and therefore visitor experience. With the Purple Staff Efficiency app, staff can successfully orient themselves in their new environment and deliver immediate value to visitors and the facility.

Onboarding new staff can take up to 3 months
Get your staff up to speed quickly
Help staff to deliver value to visitors straight away
Use your staff wayfinding app to orient staff
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Increase staff efficiency and productivity

Healthcare facilities are constantly evolving and changing as new buildings and rooms are added and multi-purposed, which creates staff confusion and inefficiency. With a staff-specific wayfinding app, staff can navigate even unfamiliar parts of the facility efficiently, improving their time to task and care.

Changes to your map appear for users in real-time
Adapt your map to suit your space
Help your staff find their way around as your facility evolves and changes
Improve time to task for your staff

Increase staff and patient satisfaction

Purple Staff Efficiency provides a secure and efficient tool for staff to report potential safety and maintenance issues, keeping a great first impression for visitors. Furthermore, with fewer distractions and time spent wandering, staff will be enabled to work more effectively, making them more organized, focused and satisfied with their work.

The average length of staff disruption by visitors asking for directions is 10 minutes
Save hours of staff time within a week
Without distraction, staff are more efficient and productive
Report incidents using the app to improve customer experience

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VCU Health Case Study

VCU Health implemented Purple’s digital wayfinding solution to assist patients in navigating their medical center.

Wayfinding RFP Checklist

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Office wayfinding is a navigation solution that facilitates seamless movement within office buildings through the strategic use of signs and digital displays. It reduces confusion and enhances navigation for visitors and employees.

Staff wayfinding is a navigational system that improves workplace efficiency by helping employees locate different areas within the office premises. It enhances productivity and employee satisfaction.

Signage refers to the use of physical or digital signs for various purposes, including navigation. Wayfinding specifically focuses on guiding people through complex spaces using signs, maps, and directional elements.

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