WiFi for Airports

We work with airports all over the world to help them utilize their WiFi to increase terminal spend and collect customer feedback

Increase retail revenue
Increase airport lounge sales
Paid WiFi access
Collect customer feedback
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Customer satisfaction

1% increase in customer satisfaction leads to a 1.5% increase in non-aeronautical spending


YoY growth

10% YoY growth in retail travel sales 2022-2031



72% of airports are looking to improve real time passenger communications


How we transform your Guest WiFi

Our captive portal and guest WiFi software is hardware agnostic and overlays onto wireless access points. We enable you to collect customer data and insights that can be used to promote revenue generating amenities and increase terminal spend

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increase terminal spend

Increase terminal spend

Your ability to influence terminal spend through direct customer communications may currently be limited. Your WiFi network is key to being able to connect with customers when they are terminal side and influence their purchase decisions to generate more revenue from upsell, cross sell and promotional opportunities.

Target customers based on their preferences
Promote concessions
Create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
Connect with customers while terminal side
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Generate revenue from your WiFi users

On average, visitors spend at least two hours of their time waiting in the airport. Offering tiered paid bandwidth options for your customers opens a new revenue stream for the business, generating additional revenue from captive customers.

Tiered paid bandwidth options
Generate revenue from your WiFi
Visitors spend at least 2 hours waiting in the airport
Offer premium customers free WiFi in lounges
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Grow and use your CRM database

Capture new visitor data from everyone in your venue and build detailed digital profiles to segment and target your customers. Start a conversation with them the second they step into the airport, and keep them engaged for future visits.

Create rich digital profiles
Communicate with customers in real time
Tailored and personalized communications
Increase customer engagement
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Collect customer feedback at scale

Capture customer insights and feedback and ensure that you’re offering the experience and amenities that customers want and need.

Automated surveys at scale
Collect actionable insights
Cost effective compared to other feedback methods
97% response rate

How does your visitor data compare with others in the transport industry?

industry benchmark report

Our new Transport Hubs Industry Benchmark Report analyzes data from more than 32,000 locations to give you valuable insights.

Download to see how you compare.


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