WiFi for visitor & tourist attractions

We work some of the world’s leading visitor attractions to help them to grow their CRM databases, increase repeat visits and drive annual pass sales

Grow your CRM
Collect usable customer feedback
Drive annual pass sales
Increase incremental revenue
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CRM records

718K: amount of opted in CRM records one of our theme park customers collected in 12 months


Annual passes

$1.2M: revenue generated by up-selling annual passes


Marketing opt-in

61% Marketing Opt-In Rate from WiFi log-ins


How we transform your Guest WiFi

Our captive portal and guest WiFi software is hardware agnostic and overlays onto wireless access points. We enable you to collect contact information and demographic & behavioral insights about your guests that power marketing campaigns.

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grow and use your crm database

Grow and use your CRM database

When it comes to increasing visitor numbers and annual revenue your CRM is at the heart of it and there is no quicker way to grow it than your guest WiFi. Collect data from all visitors in your venue, not just the lead booker, for usable customer data.

Create rich digital profiles
Collect demographic and behavioral insights
Contact all users, not just the lead booker
Gather huge amounts of data from in your physical space
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Collect customer feedback at scale

It’s important to regularly collect customer feedback so you can ensure that you’re provide your guests with the great experience that they want and expect.

Automate customer feedback at scale
Actionable insights so you can deliver a great experience
Increase reviews
Cost effective compared to other feedback mechanisms
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Drive an increase in revenue

Increase your revenue through annual pass sales and upsell or cross sell opportunities in your attraction. Use your WiFi to advertise offers and promote further purchase options for customers while they’re in your attraction and already enjoying their day.

Promote up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
Advertize annual pass benefits on the WiFi front page
Reach customers while they’re already enjoying their day
Personalize messages for maximum impact

How does your visitor data compare with other attractions?

industry benchmark report

Our new Attractions Industry Benchmark Report analyzes data from more than 32,000 locations to give you valuable insights. Download to see how you compare. 


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