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Purple’s Guest WiFi solution allows public attractions to understand who their customers are, and create meaningful engagements to drive loyalty and additional revenue

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of attractions have no loyalty program


of attractions that do have loyalty programs aren’t actively promoting it


of visitors want real-time information about on-site events


of visitors want special offers or rewards as incentives to download an app

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Understand your visitors

51% of visitors want to know about events and on-site information in real-time, creating the opportunity for attractions to boost engagement and improve visitor experiences

Our captive portal capability enables attractions to 

  • Identify who their visitors are through first-hand data collection
  • Collect relevant contact and demographic information
  • Promote products, services, and news as visitors get online
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Provide fantastic experiences

64% of visitors are eager to sign up for loyalty programs in return for personalized messages and promotions, however, 42% of attractions that have existing loyalty programs aren’t promoting them effectively

Our out-of-the-box marketing tools enable attractions to

  • Utilize collected data and insights to advertise loyalty programs effectively
  • Tailor messaging and promotions that encourage additional spend 
  • Use real-time promotions to increase upsell opportunities
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Encourage visitor engagement

45% of reviews for attractions focus on the start of the journey, highlighting the importance of understanding visitors’ needs and expectations ahead of time

Via review platform integration attractions can

  • Improve the visitor experience to drive return visits
  • Connect existing review accounts to easily automate review requests
  • Personalize surveys to fit different visitor segments for actionable insights

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  • maverick gaming

    Purple has been a great partner in helping us continue to know our customers better and our mission of offering a best-in-class gaming experience.

    Greg Cannon
    @ Maverick Gaming
  • Purple has provided a platform that has helped us achieve our goal of elevating the fan experience.

    Matthew Jafarian
    Vice President of Digital Strategy and Innovation @ Miami Heat
  • dreamworld

    Gemma was very helpful in giving me insights into how we might get some valuable benefits from Purple.

    Rich Raymont
    ICT Manager @ Dreamworld
  • Purple has been really proactive in recommendations and implementation. The data is very easy to access and quickly led us to make improvements to our operation. Purple has become one of our core marketing tools.

    Anna Prior
    Head of Marketing @ British Airways i360

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    Here's how Purple can help

    Understand your visitors

    guest wifi zoo captive portal

    Boost first-party data collection

    By enhancing existing guest WiFi, public attractions can increase the collection of first-party CRM data by 83%.

    Doing this enables public attractions to capture more than just the lead booker’s contact details, and de-anonymize guests that have booked through 3rd party websites.

    wifi analytics report

    Identify trends

    WiFi Analytics reporting allows for a greater understanding of who visitors are using data segmentation to identify trends in interests, expectations, and more!

    With a value of $5 per digital profile, contact information and demographic insights are highly valuable to businesses looking to understand their customers.

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    Increase visitor loyalty

    48% of visitors want to be able to earn and use loyalty program rewards at public attractions.

    Utilizing our captive portal advertising capabilities provides the perfect opportunity to promote loyalty programs when visitors are the most receptive.

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    Influence spending

    Using tailored marketing messaging can increase visitor spending by 30%!

    Making the most of Purple’s built-in marketing functionality ensures relevant and personalized messages are delivered in the right place at the right time to encourage a purchase.

    Provide the right experience

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    Boost experiences from the start

    42% of visitors want offers based on the nearest ride, restaurant, or merchandise outlet.

    With 45% of attraction reviews focussing on the start of the journey, making the most of personalized marketing throughout the visitor journey can vastly improve the overall experience.

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    Provide relevant information

    32% of visitors want to avoid the frustration of queuing to pay for food and drink, and 33% say queuing for rides is the most frustrating experience.

    Understanding peak times and visitor flow enables parks to inform visitors of wait times for restaurants and rides with the ability to promote alternatives.

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    Increase real-time engagement

    28% of visitors want to receive more real-time information about on-site events and promotions such as grand openings.

    With 50-60% of a park’s revenue coming from general admissions there is a huge opportunity to increase revenue while visitors are on-site.

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    Above and beyond facilitation

    44% of theme park visitors would find it more convenient if they could pre-order souvenirs and merchandise.

    Using a number of marketing functions such as location-based messaging, parks can encourage the pre-purchase of merchandise when visitors are in idle spaces such as queues.

    Encourage visitor engagement

    art gallery guest wifi login captive portal

    Get visitors online quickly

    23% of visitors don’t want to supply personal details more than once.

    The utilization of our captive portal function allows users to connect at the click of a button after the initial login, and their data is safely stored in the Purple platform protecting their experience and keeping them connected to receive relevant marketing.

    art gallery guest wifi - venue information

    Promote merchandise ahead of time

    25% of visitors want to avoid queuing to pay for merchandise providing an opportunity for public attractions to boost revenue and improve visitor experiences.

    Real-time promotions allow businesses to engage with customers at the right time before the end of their journey to encourage additional spend.

    art gallery guest wifi online captive portal

    Create long term customer relationships

    20% of public attractions have no loyalty program in place and 42% of those that do, aren’t effectively promoting its benefits.

    Purple’s marketing automation capabilities enhance the promotion of loyalty programs to visitors at the right time, increasing sign-ups and creating long-term loyalty resulting in return visits and an increased lifetime value.

    art gallery guest wifi - promotional email

    Reward visitors for feedback

    46% of visitors would spend more if they received offers for their next visit.

    Reward visitors for providing feedback about their experience by using automated surveys to identify themes, and what can be done to improve future experiences.

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