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Hospitality & Restaurant WiFi

Purple’s Guest WiFi, occupancy and location solutions for hospitality helps venues know who their customers are, increase loyalty and generate additional revenue

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of total hotel revenue is non-room related


of visitors would share data for personalized experiences, products, and offers


of visitors feel brands fail to exceed expectations

2000% ROI

Brands using advanced personalization when marketing report a $20 return for every $1 spent

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Catch data from more visitors

74% of visitors are open to providing their data for a more personalized experience and the opportunity to receive tailored product suggestions and offers.

Purple’s hospitality solutions allow venues to:

  • Increase the data collection of guests that weren’t the lead booker
  • Advertise available products and services to guests as they get online
  • Highly personalize marketing messages to increase the chance of return visits and upsell opportunities

Exceed visitor expectations

38% of guests don’t feel satisfied that they’re being listened to, with the Purple Platform hospitality venues can encourage visitors to provide valuable real-time feedback.

This enables hospitality venues to:

  • Use feedback to impact change in the venue and visitor experience
  • Use customer feedback and preferences to create long-term relationships
  • Increase loyalty scheme participation

Encourage additional spend

Promotional marketing provides hospitality businesses with the opportunity to increase revenue, but when brands use advanced personalization to tailor messages they see a $20 return for every $1 spent

The Purple Platform provides the opportunity to

  • Integrate with existing CRM databases
  • Deliver a variety of tailored marketing messages automatically to new and existing customers
  • Use real-time promotions to increase upsell opportunities
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    We are continually looking for new ways to enhance the customer experience, and Purple has helped us do just that, with the added benefit of customer insight

    Ségolène de Chestret
    Digital IT specialist @ McDonalds
  • glasgowlife

    Purple is very knowledgeable, supportive, and ready to help us with strategy so that new income can be generated through in-venue audience development. Venue splits, and staff v customer splits are key so we see how our specific venue is performing within the overall estate of venues.

    Alison Jack
    Business Development Manager (Box Office) @ Glasgow Life
  • genting casinos

    Purple's offering has allowed us to streamline and modernise our guest experience in a very short time. From customer experience to back-end data, this has allowed us another stream of information about our customers to help us deliver a better service.

    Tom Townsend
    Network Infrastructure Manager @ Genting Casinos
  • solutions leisure

    Solutions Leisure Group has had the pleasure of partnering with Purple and we have built a trusted, productive relationship. They have played an integral part in our group's growth, and we look forward to a continued strategic and fruitful future with their services.

    Jessica Monroy
    Social Media Executive @ Solutions Leisure Group

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    Here's how Purple can help

    Increase repeat visits

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    Boost loyalty program sign ups

    With an increase of 83% in CRM data captured through guest WiFi, brands have a massive opportunity to directly influence the increase of loyalty scheme sign-ups.

    With Purple, you can send automated messages so you can stay top of mind after your guest has left.

    Remarket to your customers

    De-anonymize guests that have booked through 3rd party websites, and capture more than just the lead booker contact details.

    Collect the details of all guests on the booking and use this information to market back to them, to encourage them to book directly on their next visit.

    Reward repeat visits

    73% of consumers would be more loyal to a brand that rewards them for visiting. 

    Purple’s solution processes how many times a customer has visited and can send them promotions or communications based on their visit count, to reward returning customers.

    Understand your customers’ needs

    All visitors want to feel looked after, but with 38% of total hotel revenue coming from non-room related purchases it’s vital that the opportunity to quickly provide what customers need is met quickly and efficiently.

    Purple helps venues collect insights about individual customers allowing them to receive tailored messages to influence additional spend.

    Exceed visitor expectations

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    Increase visitor engagement

    60% of customers spend more time in-store when they connect with guest WiFi, with 50% making additional purchases.

    Purple provides a secure and private connection within hospitality venues, boosting visitor engagement, dwell time, and spending.

    Increase data collection

    74% of guests are open to providing their data in return for a more personalized experience.

    Purple’s captive portal solution allows visitors to quickly get online, and businesses to capture their data, via a custom form or their social media credentials.

    Provide the right experience

    51% of customers will not interact with a restaurant brand again following a single negative experience.

    Use Purple’s solution to deliver automated product deals and benefits through interstitial advertising, to create personalized and positive experiences for your customers.

    Boost operational efficiency

    Using footfall and customer dwell insights to understand the busiest times of day, allowing you to optimize staffing capabilities, stock and opening times, enhancing operational efficiency to create a better experience for customers and staff.

    Encourage additional spend

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    Increase the value of your data

    It’s easy to collect basic contact information about customers, but this doesn’t provide insight into who they are.

    With a value of $5 per digital profile, contact information and demographic insights collected with Purple enrich businesses’ understanding of who their customers are.

    restaurant loyalty promotion

    Upsell in the right place, at the right time

    Despite having great offers, it’s not always possible to reach customers at the most convenient time.

    Purple has an average 80% opt-in rate to receive marketing communications, enabling businesses to automate their messages to deliver at the right time, with the ability to even deliver these as they are in your venue.

    restaurant customer survey

    Boost venue reputation

    Potential customers look at previous reviews to inform their decisions before visiting.

    By using Purple’s out-the-box integrations, hospitality venues can increase the volume & quality of reviews on global sites such as TrustPilot by over 200%!

    restaurant personalized offer

    Hyper-personalized targeting

    With the average retention rate for hospitality being just 55%, it’s clear that customers are looking for hospitality businesses that got the extra mile in providing personalized experiences.

    Hospitality venues that use Purple insights to tailor their customer marketing see a $20 return for every $1 spent.

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