WiFi for Hotels & Hospitality

We’re trusted by hotel brands the world over to provide High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) that delivers an optimal customer experience and increases incremental revenue

Consistent brand & user experience
Secure, stable & scalable
Increase CRM & loyalty program numbers
Collect customer feedback at scale
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Wireless network

36% will not return to a property if they had a bad experience with a hotel’s wireless network


Brand recognition

Only 65% of hotel guests feel that hotels brands know and remember them


Loyalty programs

Hotel managers believe that 61% of guests sign up for loyalty programs while in reality only 24% actually do


How we take your WiFi to the next level

High-speed internet access is the number one demand/complaint from travelers, which is why it’s so important to have trust in your provider. Not only does Purple get your guests online securely and conveniently, we also make it work for you.

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Grow your CRM, loyalty programs & direct bookings

Collect contact information directly from guests even if they've booked through an OTA
Increase your loyalty program by connecting user log in with your program
Personalize communications to users
Promote direct bookings while users are logging on
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Collect customer feedback at scale with a 97% survey response rate

Automate customer feedback surveys from everyone in your venue
Automate review site prompts like TrustPilot
Collect actionable insights
Highly cost effective
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Reliable high-speed internet access

Robust, scalable platform with 99.99% uptime
Consistent and secure but flexible access journeys across an estate
Built with data protection and privacy at its core
We manage the WiFi, you focus on core activity

How does your data compare with other hotel & hospitality venues?

industry performance report

Our new Hotels & Hospitality Industry Benchmark Report analyzes data from more than 32,000 locations to give you valuable insights.

Download to see how you compare.

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