Guest WiFi for Workplaces

Many corporate WiFi networks don’t provide the flexibility to cater for guests visiting a workplace which results in IT resource being taken away from other activities

Reduce helpdesk calls
Consistent brand and user experience
Self- service captive portal
Keep your staff and guest networks separate
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Reduce WiFi issues

90% reduction in WiFi and network issues with post-Purple implementation


Guest WiFi

77% of organizations have a separate guest WiFi network


WiFi authentication

Only 29% of organizations have WiFi authentication on a per user basis


What does our workplace WiFi solution look like?

Designed specifically for guest WiFi networks are solution for workplaces provides the flexibility needed to onboard guess onto the WiFi network without needing IT resource

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No need for IT staff to onboard guests

Your corporate WiFi network is quite rightly robust and secure. However, there are occasions when this robustness can have an impact on IT resources, especially if first line support is required to onboard guests or set up guest profiles.

Self-service branded captive portal
Keep a log of all guest that connect to WiFi
Create a good first impression for guests
Reduce impact on first line support
banks permissions

Highly secure for peace of mind

Our WiFi solution is highly secure, with accredited certification to ISO 27001 and 9001 and a dedicated SRE team to handle critical issues quickly and efficiently.

99.999% uptime
ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited certification
Extra DNS layer & content filtering
Dedicated SRE team to handle issues

Separate staff and visitor networks

Keep your staff and visitor networks separate using different SSIDs to manage bandwidth usage and keep critical services running even when corporate guests are online.

Manage bandwidth
Separate SSIDs for staff & visitors
Keep critical services online
Create a great experience for corporate guests and staff

How does your visitor data compare with other offices and corporate spaces?

industry benchmark report

Our new Office WiFi Industry Benchmark Report analyzes data from more than 32,000 locations to give you valuable insights. Download to see how you compare. 

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