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The need for change

COVID has driven a shift in how people behave and offices are having to adapt, quickly.


Of employees reluctant to return to work in an office environment


Overall US market for biohazard cleanup services is expected to double


Estimated cost of pending lawsuits from workers who brought coronavirus home

Safety as a differentiator

Safety is quickly becoming a key differentiator in getting staff to return.


If staff do not feel safe, they will not return - which means empty offices and large real estate costs


Safety has become a differentiator and through education, insight and operational change, it is possible to overcome concern


Capture important space utilization data to help improve operational efficiencies and understand where space is needed most


Create a safe and compliant working environment, increase overall efficiency and significantly reduce operational costs

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Here's how Purple can help

Accurately track and manage office occupancy in real-time

Connect hardware, such as sensors, CCTV or access points, to our enterprise-class analytics platform to collect and view live occupancy data.

Depending on the hardware you connect, you can achieve up to 98% accuracy when monitoring total occupancy numbers, ensuring overcrowding across buildings, floors or departments does not occur and that staff and visitors can maintain a safe social distance.

Publicly display your real-time occupancy data

Export the data collected via API to your website or HR system, allowing staff and visitors to see live occupancy across zones within your office, and make smart decisions based on the data.

Our purpose built display app allows for automated access control outside your office doors, reception, restrooms, kitchens and even conference rooms; letting staff and visitors know the current occupancy and indicating whether it is safe to enter.

Offer contactless sign-in for visitors, new starters, and job interviews

Reduce the need for human contact and prompt visitors to sign in by connecting to visitor WiFi from their own device or a digital kiosk.

Automatically notify the relevant staff member via email or SMS that their appointment has arrived.

Ensure visitors and staff take the safest and most efficient routes

Use wayfinding technology to direct staff, new starters and visitors to meeting rooms or other destinations ensuring they avoid highly congested areas.

Improve safety and meeting productivity by ensuring all individuals arrive promptly and eliminate late starts and loss of time.

Get ahead of risks with occupancy and cleanliness alerts

Set up alerts that trigger when staff and visitor numbers are getting close to capacity in a particular zone or floor, prompting you to take action to control flow.

Maintain a high level of cleanliness and improve operational efficiencies with alerts that trigger letting employees know that a desk, bathroom or conference room needs to be cleaned once vacated.

See exactly how your space is used and optimize to match

Understand total footfall, areas of dwell, potential bottlenecks and more through a variety of location based reports that can deliver cm accuracy, and use the data to optimize space and ensure overcrowding does not occur.

View how space is allocated across floors, departments and buildings and compare these to identify vacancies, and spot where space is needed most.

Better plan for the future with historic occupancy data

Access and analyze all of the data captured from a centralized reporting dashboard.

Look back at historic occupancy and compare data across offices to identify patterns and trends, allowing you to better plan for the future and focus your safety efforts where it really matters.

The end-to-end staff journey

Optimize safety, improve the experience and save on operational costs


Provide a secure and safe WiFi experience that perfectly matches your brand


Ensure staff take the most efficient and safest route, avoiding high occupancy zones


Keep staff up to date with the latest safety information with SMS alerts and email updates


Receive feedback from staff and visitors on their experience and overall satisfaction

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